Wings of desire drift
 Gentle breezes   
 Cool dark night  
 Scattered stars  
 Synthetic aroma’s  
 Glances speaking volumes
 Others hiding mysteries
 Enticing visual dances  
 Moans suffocated     
 Sparkles gleam
 Grins burst  
 Laughter rings  
 Voices whisper
 Lies are promised  
 Kisses susurrate    
 Skin blushes
 Temperatures rise  
 Concealed embers pulsate  
 Buttons open
 Thirst increases
 Sweat beads  
 Moans escape
 Embers glow brighter   
 Tinted windows flash
 Control weakens
 Wild hunger surges  
 Tongue swipes  
 Fingers explore
 Complicity accepted  
 Snaps undone  
 Zippers fall  
 Breathes shorten  
 Eyelids flutter  
 Nails grow anxious  
 Breathes draw deeper 
 Temperatures spike  
 Clothes fly and crash  
 Sloppy lips compress 
 Tongues bathe together          
 Words are muttered  
 Warm honey drips  
 Colorful glove penetrates   
 Throat clutched  
 Control relinquished 
 Bodies tense and relax
 Nature dances with lust
 Micro quivers ripple   
 Nails puncture sweaty tissue  
 Repeated rises and falls  
 Dips and gasp caught and lost                   
 Determined erratic tempos bounce  
 Bloody lines streak  
 Tremors spring leaks       
 Humanized adrenaline injections  
 Spent energy pants  
 Muscles labor energetically
 All or nothing impingement unleashed  
 Contorted lovers rage                          
 Human instruments sound out-loud  
 Resilience is frayed   
 Bio mechanical dams ruptured
 Human fluidity flows 
 Sins ripen nectar- drips   
 Weaken skin mountains  
 Become slides breaking free
 Temperatures wane
 Tantalizing flames of desire subside  
 Draughts of oxygen swallowed
 Compensating glasses guzzled
 Head rushes- done  
 Race for the finish
 Equally… won  
 Poet of the Light © 2020  

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