“Cyberbully in motion” coming soon.

In the near future I plan to post a piece about someone known online as “Amir A. Tayyab”

It is my belief he is a cyberbully against (mostly women as I understand ) online.

I became a target of his after posting my supporting position and my opinion about such nefarious characters in the comment(s) section on a friends WordPress post.

He thought he could scare me into silence and an unwarranted apology. Sorry Amir, Not happening.

Poet of the Light~ 2019

13 thoughts on “Notice:

  1. I got the link back to my page through Admin that this guy has now added you to the list. Welcome to the club lol


      1. I look forward to seeing the exchange.

        Oh, you’ve made partner so you have free reign and if you want a card or tattoo then we can definitely hook you up 🙂

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      2. He has posted at least six of us now (including you and I), directly to one of his posts that is buried down in his archives. It’s an older post in response to my first attempt at dealing with him.

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      3. Yes, he is doing a fine job digging that hole. If you want a link to his post, I can send it.


  2. Unconditional Apology

    Hello poetofthelight5,

    I render my total and unconditional apology to you, “poetryfromtheinkwell” and everyone else for engaging in a difference of opinion which skyrocketed to an online flame war between us in a matter of ten months.

    He can totally disagree with me and write whatever he wishes. I promise to ignore any reference to me in the comments section in future. I am not looking for any friends, nor any enemies.

    As a token of a friendly gesture, I’m retracting all of my reports to law enforcement agencies, cancelling legal action/notices, and taking down content on my blog relating to “poetryfromtheinkwell” and everybody else.

    Why am I doing this? Because strangely, I found myself on the side of “poetryfromtheinkwell” i.e. having the freedom to disagree (without being nasty, of course). I have already been doing that since quite a long time via many of my own blog posts, reviews, etc. This felt quite hypocritical of me to take anything “poetryfromtheinkwell” said too personal (or serious) and get all worked up over that.

    This changing of the heart was never possible without a detailed E-mail conversation with “poetofthelight5”. And I thank him from the bottom of my heart for precious words like these;

    “Act like a big boy, grow up and get over your hurt and rejected emotions.”

    At this middle age of 48, hearing these wise words from someone who is quite younger than me, was quite a humbling experience.

    And “poetryfromtheinkwell”, here’s a man-to-man word; I never “meant” going after you online and offline in a criminal sense. I am a law abiding citizen, been part of law-enforcement agencies and will never let even a fly hurt you just because you want to disagree with someone in your own poetic and free way.

    I actually like your poetry and on our first interaction in the comments section of your poem “waste management”, I was just trying to brighten up the sober mood via positive spin. English is not my first language and something must have been lost in the translation between us, giving birth to our disagreement.

    I am laying no terms and conditions to my apology. Hope you will have a big heart to forgive me. It was an honor having met a great thinker and a poet like yourself.

    The same apology is made online at;


    Amir Ali Tayyab

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