There goes

There goes my imagination
Of our life long conversation
Ignoring the world outside

There goes my imagination
Giving me that new reason
To believe in love once again

There goes my imagination
Dreaming of us happening
Dancing and falling in love

There goes my imagination
Envisioned within my mind
You becoming my whole life

There goes my imagination
Realizing our picture perfect
Was really just misleading lies

There goes my imagination
Breaking my hearts dreams
Once again, true to fashion

There goes my imagination
And I’m learning to ignore it
In pain as I slowly grow...numb

Poet of the Light © 2020


10 thoughts on “There goes

  1. Picture perfect, was really misleading lies.
    I’m genuinely curious, do you think how we perceive things is only how we want them to be or that’s just what we tell ourselves after peeling off the curtain?

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