I really can’t explain

what my heart needs- in words

when feelings feel things

far deeper than a desire

I often start but fall in silence

as the ache within suffers

Some feelings lack understanding

and a way to depict their pictures

But darling, you reflect the face

of being their only answer

If you don’t love me, I’ll understand

but if you could, at least stick around

so I can point to you, if I’m asked

I know I must seem to complicated

for those fluent in loves language

but none of this comes as easy- for me

O’ how much plainer can I say it

for love to be my full filled dream?

Only my heart…knows what it needs

Poet of the Light © 2019


Actions are indicative of intent

no matter how failed they fall

Spoken words have consequences

as much so as their stark absence

And its truly a tell tell sign

when one suffers a broken heart:

having embraced and lost- love

Honestly, I’d prefer a broken heart

to burden me like a second shadow

as opposed to a heart kept hidden

out of fear, love may call…one day

Poet of the Light © 2019


Once in dark lines of poetry

you were the angel that found me

and spoke openly to my heart

in a language of whispers

that I never heard, but felt

and knew- instinctively

that you spoke a lovers truth

in a bright fiery light passing by

but when I blinked

your image slipped away

and every since, I’ve been lost again

like a run away child

searching for you arms

and beating song- of your heart

oh, how my pain simply implodes

causing me to lose control

If I could only turn back the arms

that now holds me here alone

while my soul bleeds- in streams of tears

my raw scars don’t hurt half as bad

as your obviously- your absence has

and all my peace remains elusive

until your ghostly presence

finally comes back to stay

to bodily lay- along by my side

and gift me that sweet song for all time

reverberating from your heart to mine

in a long embraceable sleep together…at last

Poet of the Light © 2019


nearing the prismatic promise of dawn

lapping waves erase, all my barefoot prints

I try to accumulate myself to a fallen log

as a single gust of wind breaks from a summit

and ghostly swoops downwardly unseen

in its precipitously decent over quiet fauna

becoming permeated with fresh jasmine scent

stirring dust in its wake from sleepy leaves

while it keenly glides through a meadow way

holding enough presence to whirl around me

as I sit alone resembling fog on a waters edge

pretending briefly behind my closed eyes

it was your long missed embrace…once again

Poet of the Light © 2019


Like a gurgling brook meanders mindlessly

and wild Jasmine intoxicates far and wide

I’ve long felt for that one bucolic meadow

where painters can taste heaven, in the air

and it’s soothing sound is found in colors

that change in constant flow of a marbled sky

and we- create memories of our naked picnics

drenched in wine, laughter and living…love

Poet of the Light © 2019

Bare back

Taking the tail of this shameless mounted ride

I grab me a fist full of hair I shaped like a rein

To pull back and taught an exposed breast cape

Just before I slap again a blushing hand print

So as to heighten the deep plunging feeling

Right as I grab a handful of her moist bare skin

The rush of our fluidity, releases our energy

She gasped, gritted and slumped into a…smile

Poet of the Light © 2019