By choice or  
 At some point  
 Sun rays will tire  
 All rain ceases to fall  
 Echoes fall damp in silence
 As my whispers forget to call
 And I've gone out of your sight   
 As my desiring love...gets forgotten
 Poet of the Light ©  2020


I’m tired, so, so tired
Tired of wearing the blues
I’m tired of listening
To the lies from your disguise
That you keep selling to me
Your words make my head spin
You’re my hearts illusion
I’m living off your confusion
And your lack of understanding
Is killing all my emotions
How can love really exist;
When you treat me like this?
Tell me, who ever heard:
Of watering dead flowers, 
Then expected them to bloom? 
After all this time of waiting
After all this time of pretending
You’d think I finally- get it
But- baby, I just don’t
And that's the real problem
I don’t get what you're promising
I don’t get anything from you
But more lies
More sleepless confusion
More heartaches
More nights, without you too
More secret crying
More no sweet loving
More of what I’ll never get
But is all I really want
I’m tired of living this mess
And I’m tired of lying to me
Just to cover...for you

Poet of the Light © 2020

Grey going black

It should be criminal
How you do me this way
I can see it all now
You don’t want my love
I’m just your passing time thing
To replace what you’ve lost
A temporary kind of ghost
Keeping you from going insane
How vulgar you’ve made me
Like an infection spreading
Now I need someone else
To be vulgar for me
A plaything to keep on a string
Whenever my emotions get to me
And I’m missing that touch
Of whispers caring bout me
I miss the shivers you gave to me
When I first believed
My mind is slowing dying
In a gray pall of reality
Because my heart is broken
And my cure left me on the floor
Not even one little taste
Unsatisfied in every way
In the darken pain of… unloved

Poet of the Light © 2020

Selective matter

Oh- those happenstance meetings
Akin, how scraped paper does float
Landing most abruptly place to place
Sometimes only but for a moment
Others, seemingly more indefinitely
Ever subject to unseen changing winds
And merciless unpredictable weather
We skid, slid, bounce and smash into
The ruins of shattered broken things
Tossed away when no longer palatable
We epitomize those roles- as people
Like beloved paper hearts, disowned
Ripped out from love's used booklet
Tumbling blind into multiple of lives
In remote or other exotic destinations
Sometimes we go unnoticed and still
Others, we’re centric of their crises
Swept up against some preverbal fence
Someway we mesh, near seamlessly
Forgetting we’re still used paper hearts
As if somehow we’d always been there
Amidst a dark background of silence
Caught up on some bits and fragments
But of someones else's broken pieces
Hearts, dreams or within turbulence
Suddenly you’ve come front and center
As your unwantedness eases away
You’re feeling that renewed worth
And that comfortableness starts to fit
Forgetting still our own vulnerability
And our former past life of events
We laugh and embrace the sun rays
Enjoy those brief scattered showers
The pleasing scent of spring flowers
Life- has never felt like such a blessing
And just like that, we’re uprooted
Cruel reminds of our ended season
Time has past as we were oblivious
And now we’re back traversing again
To those former roles as, paper hearts
Unneeded, tumbling while...withering

Poet of the Light © 2020


I could unwantonly reside without you
If that is the tomorrow I’m bequeathed
Though it would be most bleak, at best
I’d refuse acceptance of the cold ambiance
Know darkness could never replace you
Nor could it ever become my friend
We’d be more like armistice adversaries
Coexisting only for the sake of silence
My sanity would surely be overly taxed
My heart- withering in desolate winds
Not even the Ravens would dare visit
Out of fear of getting lost in my madness
A man, an island to himself...still in love

Poet of the Light © 2020

Bird of paradise

Its kinda hard to explain now
When you saw me in the light
I was just breaking through
From a fresh morning dew
Out of the surface of darkness
For my- one- millionth- time
Embarrassing to say out loud
This is how some cycles happen
Be it a flower or human touch
When you’re unwanted, you wilt
I’d fall into the death of doubts
Where I’m covered in rejections
Until a new season comes forth
And I thirst to be held by love
Residing here in this lost garden
With my courage again I become
Just as you found me...a sprout

Poet of the Light © 2020

Could’ve been’s

Some things aren’t worth
Keeping and better off to be
Leaving well enough alone
Like wildfires out of control
Let time fall flat on its face

So I’ll just start by drowning
Those little bitty memories
All their following aspirations
Of us and everything- love
A homage of sorts for losers

Then I’ll burn our bridges
Being left behind wrecked
In billowing smoke and dust
From unused passion I had
Once conjured up about us

After which I’ll slip away
Like loves refugee I’ll flee
That imaginary you and me
In the middle of some night
While the moon is sleeping
On a pile of cloudy pillows
And rain pouring down hard
Washing away all my tracks

Until I find some place that
No one you’ve ever known
Knows me or even my name
I’ll end all my rhymes and
Their reasons to exist too
Maybe then I’ll

Poet of the Light © 2020


The way that hidden darkness of
Some forest gets unmistakably
Lost within some blinding light
I’d get lost in the eternal depths
Of galaxies hidden in your eyes
As our rhythmic bodies played
Under our ethereal spent breaths
And like instruments of request
Twirling within our arms, was-
Dancing on the edge of heaven
For us, here in our secret realm
But now you’re gone; and it's time
To change my tune, palates habit
Degust some new flavors to devour
In search of maybe finding one
That may satisfy my unfed...hunger

Poet of the Light © 2020

In significance

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Another time, another life
I could be someone else living
On the other side of losing love
Where the sun shines just right
And I sleep intertwined in limbs
Of the woman that saves me everyday

Conversations, all the things you don’t say
Are like echoes returning
Repeating inside my foolish mind
And I don’t know why- as if
They’re trying to say something else
Maybe, none of it means a damn thing

Foolish dreamers always get hurt
Believing in lofty miracles
Just to keep hope alive inside
Instead of realizing, they're not enough
Of all the things she keeps needing
That she only finds, with someone else

She’s crying again, another tonight
He’s hurting her, every bruised emotion
Lies and manipulations of words
Shattering her heart and dreams
Making her feel lost and empty- alone
Instead of loved and truly wanted...forever

Poet of the Light © 2020

Walkers low

What can I say now-

Only one of us two

Felt what I feel still

I broke my own rules

When I- felt again


Its too late to change

I’ll move on- soon

You can’t feel what you don’t

And I can lose, what I do

Natures way of creating- blue

Just my color, imbued


You’ll go your way

I’ll find mine soon

Dirt or a highway

I’ll hike it, all alone

I’ll feel- every step


It’s going to take time

Getting used to, nothing you

You came like a new dawn

Waking me from my dream

I hadn’t realized, you didn’t belong

Now I have to, unfortunately for me

Natures way of creating- blue

Imbued by you


You can’t feel what you don’t

And I can’t lose…what I do


Poet of the Light © 2020