I know deep in my heart

She’ll be the one to come

As easy as a prismatic dawn

Delicate and precious

Like she’s always been

God’s perfect angel

She’ll heal me- in a breath

With her divine touch

Whispering love to my heart                      

As her grin makes all the difference

And heaven’s gates open up

As we stroll side by side, in step   

Over the threshold of life

Daddy and daughter hand in hand…again


Poet of the Light © 2022


The atmosphere felt very eerie

As I felt a shadow of suffrage

Her fixed eyes spoke in volumes

Long before her lips ever could

Stalling in face of uncertainty

My heart is compelled to listen  

During the eruption of emotions

All facade of my reality crumbles     

Even within the ugliest of truths

Whilst my heart is being broken

My world slows to a standstill   

Despite turbulent echoes of chaos

Or unrelenting looming questions

I longed most for…her dark whispers


Poet of the Light © 2022


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His cloak long stripped off

Lost desire to hide himself

He is here- – your- brother

Strewn amongst the lesser

In miscolored bit of pieces

As if he was pecked carrion

Life rented from humanity

For but narcissistic ravens

Where he bled betwixt gasps

To be laid open and nailed

His faith tattered into tears  

They claimed it was heresy                               

To be so bold with the truth                          

To live and die a Son…of God


Poet of the Light © 2022


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Right from the beginning of life 

There are those that are nurtured  

By both parents and life, itself  

And those that come into themselves 

Percolating over the course of time  

Children are both whiles being children 

But at any point, they can transform  

Autonomously taking charge of their thriving  

Sprout off in any number of directions 

Some kids are hampered by darkness  

While others, from childhood- flourish  

Darkness freeing them from all conscious

Light and or darkness become a romance 

But only one entity desires… affirmation   


Poet of the Light © 2022  

Tone deaf

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I spoke to you

With words from my heart

The way I learned

Love speaks to love

But you just smiled

Then you said goodbye

And I hurt- a long while

Slowly the flame inside- died

Ma days were darker

And time just dragged on

The season muddled into- one

Nothing felt warm or cold

I was still numb, feeling old

Then a voice spoke

Like musical notes

And I turned to see her face

She looked sincere right at me

But her smile changed everything

And since then, every conversation

That she and I’ve shared

Was love speaking to love

In a language only hearts… hear


Poet of the Light © 2022


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I bear the scars rented

From misbegotten love

From ten thousand roads

From where I have trodden

By both my body and soul

Where I’ve walked dusty  

Where my lips have thirsted

Where I felt unfulfilled hunger

Where I cloaked in only cold       

Where my heart was broken

Where the darkness reined

When the sun was unrelenting

Where came the nonstop rain    

Where Grace accompanied me

Where I am…for all of my days


Poet of the Light © 2022


Despite the warnings

Life became caustic

Swallowing me alive  

I somewhat subsist

Beneath the bruises

Where all love dies

And all pain survives

As if it’s taken over

Replaced my purpose

Drowned my last hope

Set my dreams on fire

Blanketing me in chills     

Realizing I lost myself

As I dared to love…you


Poet of the Light © 2022


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Betwixt the night and dawn

Under a bare luminous moon

Where twilight is truly born

Within a bedding of near silence

I wrap up in sheets of serenity

As my chaos does fall asleep

And all my inhibiting fears flee

Relaxation wins over my limbs

My mind is released from prison  

Unfurling my oppressed dreams

I’m dressed in a sense of normalcy

So, my imagination can breathe      

To live among the constellations

As a Star, I’m meant…to become


Poet of the Light © 2022


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Some say: it’s the look of loneliness

While others do call it, unfinished

Not sure there’s much in difference

While either could really apply

I guess it may be about semantics

Or is it then really about context?

Or are they both being indifferent

By obtusely ignoring the obvious   

Like, its “causal” in the first place 

Loneliness could be misperceived   

If one is in deep thought: elsewhere

So, unfinished seems more accurate   

Insofar as one presence may appear

For me, unfished is more… promising


Poet of the Light © 2022

Silver linings

Where but star’s gleam

And planets fade away

Where eons were born

And galaxies are at play

Where time has never lived

Nor their faces need to die

Try even in vain as I might

I struggle again and again

For that place, that something

Where life’s presence lives on

And its reflection mirrors

That bridge between us

However, be far or near

Until your whispers are heard…again


Poet of the Light © 2022