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To be so emotionally invested

Prior and long after your birth

In all those countless moments

We epitomized our shared life

Of God’s loves in divine purpose

We found a truth in each other

Joy of the heart and soul alike

Heightening each other’s- love        

Walking a threshold so few find

That borders with heaven itself

We knew it and appreciated that

Living onward through our legacies

To impossible that our lived love

Let alone our- specialized bond   

Merely comes to a stop…at death

Poet of the Light © 2021   


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Some answers just never fit us right

Rambling in circles of a broken mind

The truth itself, can seem all to dark

And sometimes we must close our eyes

Cause we can’t stand nor stare it in the face

It’s bad enough, feeling so misplaced  

I’d much rather hang my head, what can I say?  

Tell me, where does the magic itself go to,

Once we notice that it has slipped away?

Tell me, how do you ever find it once again,

After you’ve already done, lost your way?

It’s not like a diamond you happen to find

Casually on your way sparkling in daylight

Or is it lost forever, like love to … finders’ keepers?  


Poet of the Light © 2021

Prophets’ dilemma

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We collided like shooting stars

Streaking across the whole universe

But our passion became our poison

Weaponizing everything in our hearts


Filled in doubt and wrought suspicion

All the scaring became the easiest part

We slowly ran away from one another

Afraid of who we weren’t- becoming


Looking to claim who we never were

And we pretended not to notice, much  

Until- we knew we were already gone

We turned our flames into a dark ice-age


Slipping past eternities edge of recovery

What have we done- to ourselves… to our love?


Poet of the Light © 2021


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It can be absolutely terrifying 
To swiftly fall for someone new
Only to realize abruptly later 
You’ve simply fallen through
And you’re still falling … all alone 

Poet of the Light © 2021


 Possibilities collide  
 Against probabilities
 Paradox of night and light  
 Melding all at once, all while   
 Maintaining their individualism    
 Still she comes on like a scent
 Unseen but ever present  
 Unlike the wind or a ghost  
 Over those thousand of miles
 In her secret deliverance
 And like a dew drop- on blade    
 She’s always on the cusp
 Of falling- once again in love
 But she resists at the last second    
 She’s a perfect broken angel
 That has crashed landed
 Beyond the torn fringes of love  
 Looking for an unknown hero   
 To mend her heart’s wings   
 I can feel her, center of my soul  
 Even her tears drown me
 From time to time in silence  
 When she's lost all control   
 And at the edge of our escape  
 She glitters like my last hope  
 Till she leaves me cold and- alone   
 Lost between my lucid dreams  
 And the realm of harsh reality
 Without her, I’ll never be… free  
 Poet of the Light © 2020   

Out of sight, out of mind

 I’ll break free behind neon clouds
 When I know you’re not looking
 Not that you’d notice it anyhow  
 He’s really what you’ve wanted  
 But you ain’t getting anything  
 Left to the dark of your own heart  
 And you’re stranded- in between
 Your dreams and today’s reality  
 I know, I’m just the fools moon  
 You talk to when you feel alone  
 If you feel like far away company  
 It seems safer for you that way
 You really need to finally move on  
 And stop pretending that you have  
 You’re just a silly phase my heart
 Is mysteriously gotten locked onto  
 Before every new red dawn comes  
 And you’re back to wanting him
 Until I’ve become new and whole  
 I’ll go on being… your forgotten  
 Poet of the Light © 2020


 She’s in love
 Her heart has been moved
 Now she wakes up
 Smiling like a blooming rose  
 Life is finally feeling right  
 And when she dreams at night  
 She leaves her past behind
 Cause she’s in love  
 Her loneliness has faded
 Along with her mistakes
 Her broken heart is healing  
 And she understands everything  
 Like what love is and ain’t     
 Cause she’s in love  
 Glowing like a moon  
 Moving, like grace on Sundays
 And her sparkling eyes
 Are like diamonds on fire
 Only heaven could’ve made her  
 Her warm embraces  
 Can cure the soul's hurts  
 Cause she’s in love  
 With a new and true eternity
 And nothing can take her away
 Lips like a pure angel
 Voice like a songbird  
 She’s everything I want  
 Everything I dreamed
 She’s in love, but not… with me
 Poet of the Light © 2020  

No arriver

 Sometimes, Its gets all too quiet  
 Can’t sleep, very long at nights
 My anxious heart feels its pain   
 Now I take, my midnight stroll
 In the fog and damp chilly cold  
 Pretending we walk hand in hand
 Just like in all my dreams, alone  
 Taking a short rest upon a bench
 As rain becomes soft snow instead   
 Where I watch lovers embrace again
 When they step down from the train
 As I wonder, would we do the same;  
 Or would you never dare let me go?   
 Shame, we will never really know  
 But I’ll still dream of you...again  
 Poet of the Light © 2020  


 By choice or  
 At some point  
 Sun rays will tire  
 All rain ceases to fall  
 Echoes fall damp in silence
 As my whispers forget to call
 And I've gone out of your sight   
 As my desiring love...gets forgotten
 Poet of the Light ©  2020


I’m tired, so, so tired
Tired of wearing the blues
I’m tired of listening
To the lies from your disguise
That you keep selling to me
Your words make my head spin
You’re my hearts illusion
I’m living off your confusion
And your lack of understanding
Is killing all my emotions
How can love really exist;
When you treat me like this?
Tell me, who ever heard:
Of watering dead flowers, 
Then expected them to bloom? 
After all this time of waiting
After all this time of pretending
You’d think I finally- get it
But- baby, I just don’t
And that's the real problem
I don’t get what you're promising
I don’t get anything from you
But more lies
More sleepless confusion
More heartaches
More nights, without you too
More secret crying
More no sweet loving
More of what I’ll never get
But is all I really want
I’m tired of living this mess
And I’m tired of lying to me
Just to cover...for you

Poet of the Light © 2020