fruition (long read)

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I too, go now soon

Where is as I must

Before the snows fall

And greys become dust   

After all, tis my very nature

Heavenly hands instilled

And life nurtured by moonlights

As an inner child’s dream in truth

I’ll ascend near where Eagles soar   

There, up in a corner summit borrow

And campfires are lost to darkness

Where snippets of life are painted

In colors of wild mountain flowers

And lush meadow green lands

And sprinkles of sparkling stars    

Higher than is here now

Where breezes tumbleweeds for miles   

Across dried-out level landscapes  

Where Bison herds and bears roamed

Amongst glacier lakes and tall grasses

Back in a time long before I was born

When stars were filled with prayers   

And I too must complete a cycle

And I’ll do so with my Lord savior

Listening to my humbled heart speak

The way a Father does to his child  

As I bear witness of those who loved me  

And those who wiped my salty tears

Fed my broken heart promising stories

Triaged my rented skin and soul

Steeped me in warms cups of forgiveness

Reminded me of my mountainous mission   

In betwixt quiet hours of inner peace

And glorious dawns of dewy mornings

Where Mother nature kisses all living  

I’ll colorfully imbue as memories

Imprinted gingerly on my soul’s fabric

Carrying with to unabashedly boast

Where I’m from and to where I go  

As I walk in the complicit echoes

By legions of revered Poets of old

Whispering our creative thoughts

Into sleepy young hearts, we left behind

That try to comprehend why

Their tender nature compels them  

To sit thoughtlessly… admiring summits   

Poet of the Light © 2022


PAMPLONA, SPAIN – JULY 11: (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

I honestly replayed our actions

Failing to understand all of this

Then thought I might write you

But to what avail would follow

When we’ll both remain at odds   

As further and deeper wounds

Will ensue our bruised hearts  

We’re clearly beset by our logic

However emotionally coincided                     

Insensitive ears never do listen                    

Just as blind eyes fail at reading                  

There’s no middle road to be found

When you’d prefer to run over me    

Cynics shouldn’t drive… anything


Poet of the Light © 2022     


There are moments in life

When you come to recognize

It’s time- to simply let go

Albeit memories or people

Inevitability remains ugly  

What once held you is fraying

Unrelenting currents have grown  

Time is no longer a family friend        

And bending is no longer the answer      

Everything has its breaking point               

You relinquish to preserve yours

Stretching further already taught seconds                 

I do not relish nor go so easily

But I know, I can’t hold back…gravity 


Poet of the Light © 2022     


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Greif can be a dark fickle thing

Just as you dare to go out in public

When you think you have a handle on it

It comes at you full force out of nowhere

Without warning, it throws a gut punch

Waffling in fear, loss, anger, and confusion

Each emotion fights for full attention

Which is the last thing you want at all

Family and friends only worsen the effect

As their cynical advice is nonsensical

And absurd under normal conditions       

But you can’t remember your old normalcy      

You’re grasping at air for tangibility

But all your fingers find… is emptiness  


Poet of the Light © 2022

Secret sighs

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I keep looking to catch a glimpse  

Of you outside my window  

But I only catch myself instead  

Reflecting off the dirty glass  

As my heart sinks another level  

I find it harder to even swallow 

My sadness keeps growing older  

And my life keeps feeling colder  

Happiness and warmth are absent  

I have stopped making any excuses   

Whether or weather has blended  

Neither seems to even matter  

Nothing can fill the void of love  

Once you had it… and then lost it  


Poet of the Light © 2022  


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I hung my head expecting to be shamed

After I chose to be brave exposing myself

In fashion unfamiliar to my outside world

Most of whom knew me not at all really

Nonetheless, I reveled in mere plain words

What I couldn’t dare utter out of my voice

I must admit, it seemed to be so much safer

Whereas I might explain it: a misunderstanding

Had been submitted by complete human error

A page of pure fiction instead of anecdotalized   

Or so my inner thought reasoned out cowardly      

Plus, it felt easier to be jousted over silly fiction

Then admit my truer inner emotions publicly

If they discerned what I wrote was… gibberish


Poet of the Light © 2022

An ode to Virginia’s love letter.  


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Desire for me always spoke louder

Within the glances between hearts

From across a room or landscape  

Nothing uttered but- understood

Where internal temperatures rose

Liken the high tide escaping a shore

My innate thirst grows in seconds

Exposed by my own vulnerabilities

While errant thoughts of loves waves

Teased at the flame of my inner core     

As colorful pictures torture my senses

Into full abdication of bodily authority     

And before any blink of her alluring eyes      

Seals my soul’s fate…with an erotic wink  


Poet of the Light © 2022

Mission of journey

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Most of my life

I’ve hung my head

Even in mist of night

Where I remained hid

Weeping, weeping for others

That never bothered

To understand me

And I prayed for their salvation

Trusting, maybe one day                   

They’ll lay fears of me away        

I no longer hang my head

For things I never did

But I still wait, in the silence

Between forgiveness and … my steps


Poet of the Light © 2022


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Did any of my actions have merit?

Maybe I’ve neglected how to regret?

I no longer feel the cold in darkness

Any more than I might feel love again

Or has all my care become too frozen

All I know is- my heart hurts like hell

Yet some days it just seems to be numb

Does that still make it worth saving?  

In these strange days, I just can’t tell

But the little bit I do trust that I know  

Is something really needs changing

Even if- that only means- in myself

Maybe to a place that I just can’t see          

If only I found my way back… to me


Poet of the Light © 2022