Face to face

Or faceless

Online or text

Written in ink

Or color crayola

Is fully irrelevant

Words like flowers

Reveal their values

And bloom or die

Trust is invisible

Fragile like glass

Stranger or friends

Makes no difference

Only broken hearts

Know not to start

To live their life or

Trust lips that utter

Any…broken promises


Poet of the Light © 2020

Beneath my pall

Their “misunderstandment” is charitable

For how my life and I came to be now

As a lump in my throat was swallowed

I’m a hodgepodge of unwanted things

That others shattered and threw away

I’m stained and slightly marred, per se

Only to survive despite their objectives

As I overcame their crueler rejections

When I silently turned up, if only barely

To reside on the fringe of a subsistence

And recognize there’s life- in stillness

Void of a fury or intellectual dishonesty

And further removed from a false beauty

But more importantly, broken promises

Predicated on things, liars just imagined

Oh- those heartbreaks seemed unending

Like the nights ever pending darkness

Captive shivers in its last coldest hour

As I sat alone, forgotten in my trusting

Just before the light of a dawns promise

And my fragile hope carried me onward

So I could breath freely for another day

Absorbing love falling on, as amber rays

Verifying I’m worthy to be loved…faithful


Poet of the Light © 2020


Oh- my dearest poor heart

What have I allowed done you?

What foolishness have I believed

That would leave you- this way?

You’re barely recognizable, even to me


To think of all those triumphant times

You were there for me, faithfully

Resounding deep here, in my chest

Providing life to flow so freely

Never restrictive when it mattered most


Oh- I’ve been a poor caregiver truly

I’ve opened the gates of hell it seems

Not knowing its pending consequence

Not knowing what comes, to devour thee

Like pillagers of life in the darkest night


I shamelessly fed thee to worldly wolves

When all I wanted was to let you… be loved


Poet of the Light © 2020


My whole universe once revolved

Around you and life’s crazy dreams

Now, I’m untouchable by even you

I no longer chase the sun and moon

I learned to tame them, eventually

Now they chase after me… on a leash.


Poet of the Light © 2020


I willingly gifted you my true love

But you wanted only obsequiousness

You don’t understand the difference

I really could’ve been- just anyone


How can you not be moved internally

Beyond that immutable pall of logic

Where divinity and desire simultaneously

Share the ultimate pleasure a heart seeks


My heart refuses to be enthralled company

Where my body is but a misused yo-yo

Picked up, dangled mercilessly by heartstring

In surfeiting your self indulgent behavior


Your placebic love makes loneliness a vacation

People like me should remain on…indefinitely


Poet of the Light © 2020


I really don’t want you back

I know It would never last, now

Not the way that, you twist words


But when things got so wrong

What shoulder became so soft

That you could forgot bout me

Like yesterday’s late news story

Evading, all the answers I need


Tell me true, if you know how

Bout your truths that were lies

And how- how you could twist

Deceive a heart that truly tried

To love you- unconditionally?


Oh where is that magical place

You go when things don’t erase

From the corners of your mind

And your heart remains broke

As your thirsty soul feels denied?


How could I have been so utterly blind

Letting to you build a fools fantasy

Inside my colorful mind- so easily

Day after day like a lived a dream

You never planned to ever complete?


Tell me, my soul really needs to know

How could you just let my love…go?


Poet of the Light © 2020


Sunlight had nearly been suffocated

As gray clouds and smoke tripped

Over the hidden mountainous ridge

I stood there, brazenly upon its tip

Of the precipitous rocky summit

Defying gravity and my own sanity

Shield-less from the blinding light

And a teasing intangible winds touch

As it prodded at my skeletal frame

Like some devil hoping for my demise

Palpitating heart remained constant

There before me; the face of an angel

Eyes like fields of sparkling emeralds

I was spellbound to the ignorant point

I turned bluish inside my scattered mind

That I- almost forgot to breath- outwardly

When insanity abruptly took hold of me

As if possessed by some other elder self

Blurting out… “care to go out later?”


Poet of the Light © 2020


Settlement may be a matter of subjective perception or position, as one defines their ultimate summit predicated on their ultimate objectiveness.


Newness is overrated and I was only new once- at my birth. There is something grand to be said of refinement the hands of time decides for us.


The depth I am is immeasurable in determining the height I stand. I don’t compete with the sun because I’ve come to understand my limits, I am sentient and a multipurpose free thinker whose time is limited whereas the sun is always myopic, senseless and caught within a timeless purpose not its own that serves everyone but itself.


I stopped rushing in choosing my paths and learned patients, which is where I also learned it’s the path that calls to someone and then leads them to true happiness. Euphoria is a short lived pleasure for an ego but the happiness found in Love.. is timeless to a soul fulfilled.


Poet of the Light © 2020

If only-

Both virtually and physically

Has uttered across my own lips

Nearly as fast as my quick mind

Has realized- simple poor timing


That life often begets each of us

That even I must fully admit

Every truthful platitude has merit

Certainly with love in our lives


Perhaps- they’ve helped foster hope

When expected outcomes seem so

Idealistically incompatibly reachable

Fueling our faith on mere- prayers


Where I see plausibility, dreams emerge

Considerably and instantaneously…if only


Poet of the Light © 2020