Our song just skips now

Cause that record is broken

And that ever after is gone

Oh, I need me a long road

Going easy on my mind

Just as kind on my soul

Nowhere special is just fine

If it’s peaceful and quiet

A trip that’s long overdue

That I’ve promised myself

Where temperatures are cool

If a sun still sets in the west  

And my long shadows are true

When I stroll … on my own


Poet of the Light © 2021

Just kept  

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Seems funny I really don’t recall

The sun feeling so warm and bright

Oh baby, I gave it my all, and more

Waiting patiently for what I needed

But you kept dismissing- all of me

I held on to every piece of myself

You took away from my wholeness

While telling me to just get over it

Though you were taking all I gave

Open and free from my bleeding heart

But I kept promising daily to myself

Eventually everything would change

And I was right, cause baby today  

 I’ve gotten over everything…missing  


Poet of the Light © 2021

Hearted warrior  

I can carry this weight

Of darkness and it’s secrets

Do what I really must do

All by myself, always have

Believing what I feel inside

Belong to someone else- you


If I find you

If I find you

And you find me too


I’ll part oceans that divide us

Long enough to escape here

Then let it close itself behind

When I’m finally on your side

 I’ve overcome the taste of fear

And the pain of all these scars  


If I find you

If I find you

And you find me too


I’m feeling cold clear to my bones

I’m so tired behind these eyes

I pretend it doesn’t bother me

I’ve felt you call for too long

But I won’t surrender yet

Not until I’m in your arms


When I find you

When I find you  

When I find…you’re my home  


Poet of the Light © 2021


The fashion of your alluring legs  

Wading within moon lit shallows

As tinged beams of luminous reflect

Off submissiveness of warm ripples


The way our morning after sunlight  

Basked in the beauty of your presence

Making its way over sleepy chasms

As I sit in awe of heavens creations  


That adorable manner we hold hands

While we gaze at wonderment of stars

As if they’re all chapters of our story

Whilst unabashedly delaying any finality


I waltz on the cusp of pure immortality    

Whenever I’m embraced … in your arms


Poet of the Light © 2021

Matter of fiat   

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I understood inhibitions young

And the need to secretly explore

I recognized moments of triumphs

Like a child witnessing a first dawn

Whisper its way over a mountain

In a splendor of climatic vivid colors   

I’ve felt the breath of excitement

Well within your eyes like no other

And in that moment, I pondered

Both, why not, and why me, now?

It was as chilling as was thundering

My heart raced for either of answers

But- the only common denominator

I could honestly deduce… was you


Poet of the Light © 2021

Park Benches

It was an ordinary day in humanity

I resigned nothing changes for me


I was walking besides nonchalant

When out of the blue came along

Pausing me momentarily in my life

To my right- sat this lonely bench


For some unknown reason to me then

I sat down to enjoy an easy breeze

Suddenly you sat on the other end

Then smiled- and we began conversing


And I’ve been found in you ever since     

Meeting you daily at that empty bench   

Looking forward to our stimulation

Of my mind- in living this revelation


Never once did I ever question, why

You serenaded me in tiny conversations

Bringing me, my only true liberation

From white noise chaos- I was living   


You rescued me in tiny gentle breezes

Like an angel uplifting my whole soul

Sooner or later in time, change arrives  

You must know- what it meant to me


Belief, I could trust in your every word

Where I could feel in your voice’s truth

Know, if we’re ever lost from each other

Forever, my heart will remember… you


Poet of the Light © 2021


As gentle as a whisper’s touch

Much like a soul filled treehouse

Perched upon a puffy cloud of trust

Let us build our special place

You, I- and our imagination wild   

There, nestled into a mound of sacredness

Fastened together by mere promises  

A retreat where we meet, to visit, to love

Shed tears from sadness and laughter’s

Delve into the what if’s not lived- just yet

Share colorful secrets of our heartbeats

Embrace our differences: acceptance

With doors only open to you and I-

And hidden well within our… shared hearts


Poet of the Light © 2021


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Doubt is to turn off one’s faith

Deemed foolish like our prayers  

Evidence of pure divinity can be

To get a reply before the question

Like a psalm written from heaven     

And it’s feels truly amazing for me

Just how you- so silently serenade

In sync with my every heartbeat

And I’m memorized by your eyes  

To ensue splendor of their galaxies          

I vow, I’m unsure if I even breathe

It’s as if- our souls- waltz across

Lit stars and planets so ethereally

How can I not love you… eternally?  


Poet of the Light © 2021

Fool’s Gold

Propaganda is merely distraction

Axiom: “Leave no stone unturned”

Lives are a “now or never” gambit

And so, we embark to be the richest

But of all those moments in my life

Precious gems have truly touched  

My heart and soul most gracefully

And not just because- life is a gift

But by exquisite souls, I’ve known                          

That have shifted my full essence

At most apparent significant times

Humbling my pause as to recognize

Just what true beauty a life bestows  

Evidence, we’re … our true treasure 


Poet of the Light © 2021


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For me, it’s like watching

Tall grasses fall over- slowly

Watching you walk away   

And none of my wet words

Stalled any- of your steps

I’ve come to hate the winds

Who’s directions- change

And weaken everything left

In a most unexpected rain     

Ethereal doesn’t quite fit      

I’m not sure any word- could

Describe my hearts pain

But whenever love goes awry

It’s only a hearts nature… to cry


Poet of the Light © 2021