Echoes resound within echoes

My tattered empire has fallen

And the pretentious have fled

Even all sentient dust- settled

As time obtusely ticks waywardly

My breath still lives, in winds

Like whispers of love fleeting

That breezes through now and then

These skeletal remains, of all I was

That infamous caged source of my love

Was beating a rhythmic flame of desire

Before- she ripped it out all its colors

Her cold words acted like evil hands

And despair clouded in as an overcast

Adorned with ghostly images of her

Pernicious has stolen hopes throne

My frayed faith resting on the ground

Within the massive footprint…she’s left


Poet of the Light © 2019

Almost there


She left-

And if that wasn’t bad enough

I started felling as if

I was a bad memory that

Didn’t appear in her rear view mirror

I still see, those tail light leave

Somethings gone wrong

Time is going backwards

Even my heart questions the beats

I always thought, we had a future

She always said; now that I think of it

I was someone her mother warned of

I’m not sure how that, if at all

Has anything to do with this

She woke up like a storm

Out of the blue

On a sunny morning

and then all of a sudden

The rain starting pouring

Someday, is never going to come

Someday, was just- an illusion

No future, no past- guessing

I finally made it to some place at last

Just me locked in retreating time

She escaped everything but my mind

Never going to kiss her lips, again

Not like I did in those moments

When those moments were in the present

When I was everything, she wanted

How can I live- like this;

If living life walked away in her breath?

Somewhere between here and her

Everything that ever was

Existed in- all she is

Everything turned sour

And I still feel drenched in- everything



Poet of the Light © 2019

Natural springs


It’s fall, to me flurries feel promised

This chilly air makes it more obvious

My mind and heart is somewhere else

That my soul knows is wrong as well


April: a natural and unexpected girl

That strolled into my empty heart

And made everything make sense

Even after my past failed attempts


It was the best spring I ever loved

I couldn’t convince her to come with

And when my season with her ended

Every mile behind, was heart breaking


I’m somewhere on a dry patch of Texas

With showers of April still wet…on my lips


Poet of the Light © 2019



I’ve spent many countless covered nights

Waking me in a damp febrile belief

You were back layingnext to me

Only to have those cold hands of reality

Rigidly coil my body in a fetal position


At which such time I could only stare

Into a blind darkness of immured foggy air

While trying not to listen to crisp faintness

Of your long and patented missed whispers

Still lingering in sheets of beloved memories


When others make claims “love never hurts”

Ignore what they have never experienced

By lacking the ability to soulfully miss it

Because they could never help create it

Let alone plan to love someone…forever


Poet of the Light © 2019



I stood alone in a near silence

Upon a dock nearby our ocean

Staring over its now broken horizon

Where far too many of my prayers

Have been left yet– unanswered


I felt a light breeze on my face

And realized, it didn’t make- me

Think about your fingers caressing

Whenever we shared kisses of love

In those moments we were living, us


Maybe the best parts of me are dying,

As a rush of shame reined in flames,

With the fear deep down inside me,

Involuntarily in my heart, I just might be

Getting used to you being…really gone


Poet of the Light © 2019

Fare thee well


Last I knew twas most promising

Until I turned my back from view

Some count time like diamonds

Time lapsed like a candle flame

Extinguishing in every second

Now, cawing of a nearby crows

Expecting to devouring my soul

Before I woke their humiliation

As breath of life resumes again

In and out my own shallow- gasps

Purge outwardly from a salty man

A wet sandy bed lays beneath me

Like carrion left to the mercy

Of a bitter and thrashing wave

Murder thought hope to claim

I was tossed aside loves boat

And left to drown in the dark

Nowhere was a shore in sight

Just I- reaching for a moon beam

As if it were some sorta life line

At least before reality vacated

And some passing star saved me

Miraculously dredging me from a sea

Reality now finds me…loves castaway


Poet of the Light © 2019