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When I fell in love with you

I threw- caution to the wind

I’m afraid it has come to collect

This idealistic lover’s old debt  


I’m not sure which is the worse

To seem selfish and go first

Or follow a heartbroken embrace

Lingering behind in pain- as last


I feel anger and sudden desperation

Come upon me in merciless waves

As if I were pulled in a caustic ocean

I want to let go, and hold on to today


The sweet taste of death is a surprise

As tears flow now from my eyes

It is time laced by all the drops

As I kiss my greatest love … (narrator softly exhales)


Poet of the Light © 2021

Inspired by Caruso



Oblivious to nature of the galaxy 
How it toils on without permission
However, we do notice of its presents 
When that infamous tolled bell rings 
If- I hear echoes of the bell tolled 
I know, twas not for I- not this time 
Yet- and none the less I am lessened 
Of whom it tolled in reconciliation
To notably lose an unmet friend 
In a most eerie but secretive silence 
That often can have a chilling effect
I should relax; loosen my tense cringe 
Recollect my lost train of thought, as if
Nothing at all happened… when it did  

Poet of the Light © 2021 

Re: Ernest Hemmingway
For whom the bell tolls~


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Mind not the shabby quarters I keep 
I admit fully, it wasn’t always this way
But this landscape has endured much 
As have I- serving as its lone steward 
I have crafted again renewed old walls
Out of loves cracked blocks of trust 
Many discolored with gaping holes 
Wrought with fingerprints of old lovers 
That have worn no shame nor blame 
In changing of their fashionable desires 
As they existed my heart in a cloud of dust
Offering me no questions or answers  
These tiny pieces of what laid strewn 
Became sidewalks my midnights use 
When ghost of their vacancies … tuck me in

Poet of the Light © 2021 


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Crimson- black, blue, and undistinguishable  
Shattered; a scattered casualty of a mess
As if a giant glass kaleidoscope had- burst  
Her fingerprints, clearly all over all of it
That’s how she left my innocent heart
On her immense exit of my love, my life 
Her weapon of choice was whet caustic words
Razor sharp that cut to the bone of my soul
I never would have suspected this cruelness   
And I sat there stunned- alone in a dark corner 
Even my tears had given up on the task of falling 
Like an abandoned child ignoring the obvious
Still, with last fiber and conscious of my being  
My heart craved the best way to … forgive her 

Poet of the Light © 2021 


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I earned unwittingly, a PhD in heartbreak 
Having been a veteran of loves battles 
The triumphs that befell to unseen loses 
I carry many of scars deep within my soul 
Not all memories are pleasant, to say the least
However, many are held close to my heart 
I still love everyone I ever have before; 
And honestly asking, how could I not? 
It’s simply in the spirit of who I wish to be 
The level of degrees has receded somewhat
Like dry season’s do to fresh riverbanks 
At times I tease myself with those “what if’s” 
Just my way of imagining while I surrender 
Our love lasted as long as one could expect  
When you are the vessel; they, the currents  
Like time, they became lost from my present 
And like time, I know they’ll never return 
Reasoning, you can’t touch the same water twice 
But as for some, once was more than enough  
Albeit many of lessons I could have done without
There was no other way for me to be … elucidated  
Poet of the Light © 2021


Photo by Samuel Silitonga on Pexels.com
We both stared out over the horizon
Fixated on the intangible and imaginary
That both our hearts longed to discover 
That missingness only we could notice 
Longing to be held and gently embraced 
And by faith, trusted it would come 
Only in the right time, fashion, and play  
Like two boundless comets heading there 
We eagerly merged into a single atmosphere 
Our naked coalescence felt nearly flawless 
As if by designed but left unquestioned 
Believing fate had bestowed our wishes 
We tossed and turned at times got bruised 
We ignored damage done and moved on
Believing then it takes time to get used to
Those quarks and wonderments of another 
As time slipped away, so too did that image 
Like a slow unnoticeable dissipating mask 
We seemed to be heading in opposite directions
Scorned faces replaced all the smiles and grace  
All while clinging to our ideal point of view
Unaware our unlimited imagitions matched 
But from the distorted reality we really had 
We fell blindly in love with our shared eclipse 
Passing in a fogyish darkness like lost ships 
Unmet desires brushed each other’s wounds 
With the tenderness of quivering fingertips   
Mistook for each other’s wandering hearts  
The treasure we truly sought was absent 
Which is why our chaotic separation hurt 
As a cruel reality finally snapped us apart 
Sending us twirling on the cusp of invisibility  
And we drifted aimlessly back to our space 
Discovering no two points … are ever the same 

Poet of the Light © 2021 



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Like I know the back of my hand
I know more my palm’s significance 
Not only its core value and works 
But also, what does and doesn’t fit
Strictly speaking outside loves duty 
Albeit- many of times “close as it gets”
Seemed to be a one size fits all theme
But deep inside I knew silently better
Missing more with each passing day
Dissension was like a hidden plague  
Until I had to openly admit, honestly
Perfunctory; my overly burdened yoke 
Close was simply a bridge too far to go
Twas better integrity burn that bridge
Endure the reality of ashes and smoke  
Even if I was scorched myself in the end 
My palm lacked that true customize fit 
That true love bestows our human hearts
That- counterbalance to all of life’s strife
That smile found in background of a mirror 
And unquestionably all the same etiquette
That secretly awaits in my hands palm 
Psalms- my heart signs out rhythmically
As my soul embraces all it will ever need  
Love-  which my palm still itches … to gift       

Poet of the Light © 2021 


Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com
We were strangers when we met
That felt comfortable- at last 
Caught up in desires visionary tale 
And the more we got to know and hold
Each other in those burning moments 
So hard to find in a growing cold world
Out and away from the world at large
Where only you and I- seem to exist  
Living off loves begotten exotic tastes’ 
And falling deeper into one another
Like twin rainbows across the skyline 
Beneath a heavenly rain shower of blisses 
But all good things come to an end 
When- the illusion simply dissipates
And all the colors drain away  
As the cold face of reality changes
Sweetness into a true bitter tragedy
It was a snowy day I’ll remember forever
We remained strangers- when we left
Each other’s broken self far, far behind
Reminiscing- if only, if only… we were right 

Poet of the Light © 2021