By divine extinguishment of my fragile mortality,

My immortal legacy will be truly born- pure.

One that keeps me well; alive posthumously.

As such, by my own volition what I bequeath,

Is me residing eternity- in my breaths of…poetry


Poet of the Light © 2018








I’ll never be any of what you need

Until it is only me…that you desire.

Poet of the Light © 2018




At times and out of the blue

It’s as if she cuts a swathe

Clearly through to my soul

My attention; split wide open

Her scent, her voiced whispers

Her fashionable teasing eyes

Touch and permeate all I am 

And even at inappropriate times

I’m stripped of nearly all modesty

Envisioning our bare bodies at play

I turn red, caught in a sinful smile

My eyes held closed in visual luxury 

Droplets creep on my skins surface

Wiping fantasy lipstick from my lips 

Sure, others around have noticed

Hoping I do the same to her…any moment

Poet of the Light © 2018


It was a gruesome sight to say the least

Any garbage man could’ve easily investigated

It was inside sabotage right from the start

Now a crime scene spilling out secrets  

The chambers have been cordoned-off                                              

They’ve dissected most the latent clues     

Blood drops scattered about profusely                                                

Fragmented words linking the saboteurs  

One has been discovered in a state of dissonance

Syringe of co-conspirator’s whispers in their veins

Clearly wounded and proving deceptive answers

The abandoned culprits deflecting culpability                                           

Plethora of blue notes litter the environment

A false witness came forth, but was quickly busted  

A malignant narcissistic ego- prattling nonsense

Crying, holding evidence of smudged memories

Pile a torched dream’s left in ashes- smoldering

Love poetry scrawled on the chamber walls  

By shards of humanism with their fingerprints                             

Bloody foot tracks, escaping in fleeting echoes                                    

My heart arrested; confessed; pleading insanity

Blaming it on a sickness, an incurable addiction

All started by some insatiable kiss of passion  

Implicating your involvement; love…your weapon  

Poet of the Light © 2018


It can be near painful for me

So close to touching- beautiful

Dancing on edges of dark-light

Souls caught betwixt death and life

You’ve become- an ultimate promise

That will never ever become broken

Yet still whisper into my beating heart

That will bare fingerprints of your…breath 

Poet of the Light © 2018


Love bitterly spoils the whole palette,

in its absence…

Poet of the Light © 2018- Absence 

Fluid dynamics

Courage surrenders

Vivid minds of kind

Bare silky surfaces

The lows the hi’s  

The roller-coaster

On a sea of tides

Salty droplets escape

Inhales and whispers

Extensions and gasps

Dry lips in diffraction

Churning, breathless

Sun- moon in truth

Mind, body and soul

Endless segue of you

Tease me in…your void’s

Poet of the Light© 2018



Of dancing candle flames

Soothing’s of a gentle rain

Whispering in faint breezes

Culminating silence- of my life

Reminds me of nothing more

Than all the times of my life

When you and I- lived love

On those lazy afternoons

Bare skin on satin lien, pillows

Summer walks as we talked

Of all the things we’d do

While being lost- inside 

Each other’s heartfelt sighs

Oh, how I miss every inch

Of your presence, presently

Inside my current insanity…again 

Poet of the Light © 2018


For others-

She was perceived an enigma

They even further thought

She should be shunned

Everyone saw she was different 

Most fear the queer unknowns 

Seldom being attentive

To anything not their preference

Or not under their control

But for me-

She was divine beauty- truly  

Wildly and yet most refrained

Being reveled in glimpses

Like rare sparkles of a diamonds 

When prismatic sunlight cascades

And I- admired her from afar

Sometimes getting lost in awe

Ignoring even time as it ticked on

She taught me about art

In my many of mini-lessons

The pristine kind seen in motion

And caught only by perchance 

Life gifts in mere micro-seconds

And fewer human minds

Acknowledge so instantaneously

Retain and relish indefinitely

She- like a muse inspired poetry  

Colorful words that seemingly

And esoterically came out of no where

Appearing on sheets, white lien, inked

She had that effortless affect

If for no one else, certainly for me

She’ll always be present in my presence

And I suspect long after my departure  

I could be wrong, in bias preference 

Thinking we shared a connection- love 

Unseen or heard yet felt, deep within

She changed me for the betterment

Innately for me I’ll permanently feel 

As if she existed- just to touch…my soul

Poet of the Light © 2018