Halted in my tracks

A tear ran down my face

Until it fell free- to damp grass

Melting snow reveled a lifeless color

Much like a still painting pose

As it laid resting in silence

Atypical April snow shower

In early hours of predawn

Brought death instead of raindrops

That normally births forth, life

It really was, quite unexpected

Twas only a day earlier

When I was elated- symbolically

The prospect of spring flooded over

Sunshine filled the landscape

Inviting warmth was radiating

Without summertime kind of suffocating

Gentle breezes brushed over everything

Random chirps of birds, tweeted

A multi-colored butterfly appeared

As it pranced on currents of air

I became memorized in wonderment

My heart began to see things, differently

Memories elicited past conversations

And the perfect tone of her voice

Suddenly spoke, loud and clear

My eyes had closed by then

And somehow I became convinced

She had returned, in her promised way

Mysteriously and tangibly

Invoking to marry past and present

She became- a living message as evidence

Like a rainbow of life

For but only a single purpose…mine


Poet of the Light © 2020



Only half-of me, dared to watch

As you too quickly walked

While I stumbled for words

You disappeared, into fading echoes


In my heart I- followed you, immediately

But my mind always knew

The unmistakable bitter truth

And I- lived in it’s silence


Unloved by- the one, I couldn’t keep

And when the sun reined

I never felt anything, new

Living in the shadows- of wanting to


Starting over will never exist

For those who’ve kept…their hearts wish


Poet of the Light © 2020



Sun-ray’s flood a spring season

Beneath a flirtatious amber sky

Teasing warm breezes off the ocean

Seagulls soaring on merely nothing

Happy screams of some children

Taste of sweet promises- adrift

Snapping echoes of whitecaps

The scent of dawn is still fresh

Toots of an escaping ocean-liner

Infuse my veins like adrenaline

Murmurs umbrellas over a pier

Dreams to be, enliven the scene

Her pulse reverberates into my pores

As her hand nearly clutches mine

I feel the crack of transformation

Ripped from my idealistic surrounds

My breathing lost in confusion

Attempts at a quetch dry swallow

Goosebumps race up my arms

My prismatic eyes lost in distortion

Lofty snow coats a near empty park

I reach out my palm to catch some

As I sit in rest on an unused bench

I’ve become a shell…left unfound


Poet of the Light © 2020


Those midnight hours

Have fallen fast asleep

Leaving me and the moon, alone

And she never talks but listens

As we fall through time

Much the way, we used to do

As your fingertips chased conjured images

Up and down the surface of my skin

Our entangled bodies sharing the same breaths

As your eyes gazed into the depths

Of my souls open windows

Oh how could I’ve known- or thought

You were anything less, than an angel

That up and left with a new dawn

I still haven’t seen yet

All of me, lost all of you

To say I’ve been damaged

Would be most misleading

Tattered and bruised

Feels like its been eons

This is my old new image

But truth is- I’m still breaking

Though the pain is lessened

Maybe because, I’m growing numb

Bit by bit where my heart once sat

Beholding thoughts and memories

And I only live light, in darkness

Within the silence of a bitter truth

Of our love…that once was


Poet of the Light © 2020



It almost seemed unworldly

I seen you from afar, today

You were luncheon and laughing

And he was loving the moments

Absorbing your every breath

And gleam of your grins

The sunlight danced off your eyes

They way they used to, in mine

Then I saw you suddenly give pause

And slowly looked my way

I could feel your laughter in my heart

Just as I felt your ghostly hand, chill me

And with tears in my blue eyes

I couldn’t tell if you saw me

All I could do is gasp, and tremble

Deep down to my soul

I could bare to watch you walk away, again

To say I still love you

Would be putting it mildly

I know I’m never going to be perfect

But when it comes to loving you

I must admit fully…I’m guilty

Poet of the Light © 2020

Double blind


I don’t know at all

If you can hear me

Where you are

Or what you’re doing

But something inside

Just needs to try- and say

After all this time

I thought I’d tell you, silently

I haven’t been found, yet

Maybe no one is looking?

Maybe I don’t offer enough?

Or maybe yesterdays are interfering?

I really don’t know

Lord knows, how I’ve tried

To fill the gaps, find a life

To find some answers

To all my broken questions

To things I’ll never understand

Like how; something like love

Has to end, so cold and crude

Now its gone and I’m consumed

By everything that was us…and you

Poet of the Light © 2020



I drank from a cup of old shadows

Until I got drunk on my own thoughts

Fell somewhere in-between the seconds

Ticking away from a faceless wall clock


I used to collect hours of your touch

Now I only collect specs of fallen dust

As I float like some forgotten whisper

In a dream that only came to me- once


The best of who I was is now a ghost

Meandering in fragments of my hearts home

Following wisps of your imaginary image

Grasping words your breaths no longer breathe


Beneath a slow moving overcast skyline

Waves beat incessantly at shattered…ice


Poet of the Light © 2020



Drunken monochrome of a gray clouded skyline

Unashamedly muffles the sound and warmth

As a new day here goes unnoticed of its birth

Sometimes- when struck by the right coolness

I visualize and feel like some attentive Penguin

Standing amongst others on the dark shoreline

While they celebrate unions and communications

Cold waves incessantly crash steps from my feet

Almost as if life is paying me an empty homage

I’ve become a King, on my own sandy stand

While my tired but studious eyes remain fixed

On the distant horizon, seeking but just a glimpse

Any modicum of difference- that changes normalcy

That distinctively and ultimately delivers an answer

Perhaps unbeknownst me, it likely drowned in route

Between shadows and fierce snapping whitecaps

For a question, I can’t even fathom in asking…myself


Poet of the Light © 2020

Finish us  


It seems in these current days

I don’t have much to say… except


What a wicked game time tends

To cruelly play- in lives of life

Taking away love and happiness

Unlike in your arms, where I felt born again-

Wholly, tempered, finally justified

Where truth and lovers live  


All- I can hope now is

You’re better off there than here

We were once so close,

When it comes to closeness


Now reality feels like those

Wide open spaces between us

Where I still dream we’ll run

Someday, so we can live- love


Even though it’s as if

Only my eye sees this falling rain

That has taken over the reins

Of my bleeding cold nights and days


Oh- now I barely feel those cold drops

Drip slowly away through my hands

Where the heat of our passion collapsed  

Warming our moist palms, again and again


You know- the enormous amount of pain

It takes for a single teardrop to weep

Is nearly humanly unfathomable but-

Comes all too easily for me, since you’ve gone


Oh- how God and I know just how bad

You’ve let me down- and left to drown

Yet- still I wanna love you, incessantly


That faint sound my heart makes now

Is because of how- you’ve bruised

My soul- so unexpectedly


As that haunting, haunting silence in-between

These heartbeats- is where you’ve carelessly

Broken me, repeatedly- in all my memories


And still- here I am, a wiser fool, Baby

Waiting to love you- ever foolishly again

With all, all that I have…left unbroken with


Poet of the Light © 2020