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The winds changed


Thunder rips through the quiet

Clouds huddle and frightened

It wants to rain

But the drops won’t fall

Almost, but not at all

I’m broken

But I already know that

I write you letters

But no place to send them

I’m hoping

You’ll truly understand

Why I just can’t… let go


Poet of the Light © 2022


Like a silent winter snow

I wait every night

For the morning dawn to rise

Before I can feel safe enough to sleep

Maybe I’m waiting to find

That moment life changes everything

No notice, no reason nor rhyme

Where different becomes normal

And normal heals better than yesterday

What I’m finding may not be happy

For me at least, I feel the tillage of peace

Slowly growing itself within

And maybe that will lead to better things         

Maybe even found, will finally…find me


Poet of the Light © 2022


Between the distance and silence

There lives a hollowness to subsist

Where fires burn from held memories

Of older days that have passed

But live forever in our hearts

Like whispers without shadows

Only our souls can interpret

I tried to spare you some pain

Even if it came, at my own expense

But I was totally oblivious

That you were doing the same

Sometimes the price of love

Comes at our greatest tax

And that’s what makes it… beautiful


Poet of the Light © 2022


I’m humbled to have been part

Of a new generation following their hearts

I remember when you were young

Back when you first learned to run

And became part of the changing wind

That blows through life its own way

I recall the bikes I bought you all

And seeing just one of those grins

Was worth every penny I spent

But I must also mention how they

Added to the memories in my heart  

On many of my cold lonely days

They’ve always managed to keep me warm

How I wish I could run with you all now

Like a silent shadow and time does

Oh, the old days are never really gone

If you ever loved someone

From the soul of your open heart  

They’ll live forever… and a day


Love Papa…

Poet of the Light © 2022


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Who am I now-

With only your memories

To hold me close again

You know it hurts inside

But darling I can’t lie

I’d rather live with the pain

Then live without anything

So long as it reminds me, of you

Just the way I’m made I guess

All heart and still a mess

Just the way you found me

Blood and tears on my sleeve

And a craving that keeps me

Hypnotized to love I’ve known         

Oh, your kiss stole my soul

But I don’t mind it at all, baby

Truth be told, even in silence

So long as you come in my dreams

Reminding me of all those times

We laid side by side at night

Nothing to cover us up

But our own moist whispers

And dim sighs …of moonlit kisses  


Poet of the Light © 2022

Master recipe  

Somewhere betwixt life and death

There is this clear pathway hidden

Where our souls do traverse blindly

As they leave those of us far behind

They also leave their love as proof

We are loved and treasured dearly

Some of us feel torn in two directions

And in our grief, we want to be with

Loved ones here as well as there too      

Our heartbeats here seem to go silent  

We know their echoes speak volumes    

That only those who’ve crossed over      

Could truly receive and appreciate

Body and soul makes…love dialectical


Poet of the Light © 2022


Whisper words that stir my fate

Until its sweeter than past days

Let me feel each breath on my face

So, I’ll know the touch of love again


Move me like a mountain in your way

Smooth away all my precipitous cliffs

The way water does below the surface

With its soft currents of gentleness


Make me like a song you long to hear

Let me seep deep within your soul

Like the warmth of first kisses

Long enough until it feels like home


Rescue me from even my old self

With your moist whispers of… love


Poet of the Light © 2022


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It’s a very strange feeling really

Like suddenly your own clothes

Feel most uncomfortable to wear

Some too tight, others too loose

Or style is a bit too antiquated

While simultaneously not having

Any desire for new clothes at all

Grief does rather peculiar things

To people, time, and to life itself

Mundane has its own attractions

As the gap between you and loss

Widens with each passing second    

You soberly realize missed things

Are becoming too late…to endeavor  


Poet of the Light © 2021


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Random times it’s like losing you

From the very beginning- again

The pit in my stomach widens

And life just suddenly falls in it

Even time itself seems impacted  

My breath goes shallow, shortened

Ignorant denial wants to deceive me

Days remain dimmer and hollow

My heart clings to cherished memories

Created in real-time and laughter’s  

Whispers of one-sided conversations

Are now some of my better moments                       

Though they’re oft spoken with tears

They’ll never compare…to authenticity  


Poet of the Light © 2021


The day has dragged on too long

And the night is going at a crawl

Somehow, I feel like pouring myself

A glass of fine wine I don’t got

For the craving palate, I don’t have

But at least it’s something different

Maybe that’s how others get started

Before getting lost at the clear bottom

Of some cheap brands found on sale

Time is tough without real direction         

Or someone that makes all matters

Seem important- when shared together    

I could just take off for a long walk  

Till I’m found heading…the right direction

Poet of the Light © 2021