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Where Eagles glide on faith  

Where sunrays are prismatic

Where raindrops are quenching

Where snowflakes are distinctive

Where poppy fields never die

Where lush grasses cover mountainsides

Where dreams stretch higher

Where children swing on laughter’s

Where all chasms are bridged

Where the sun meets its shadows  

Where lakes are a truly reflective

Where sandy beaches are inviting

Where rivers of truth flow forever

Where a casting moon showers     

Where lost hearts rediscover love

Where tears are replaced by smiles

Where gentle hands are caring

Where fingertips are for painting  

Where trees sway in endless breezes

Where sadness drift away like tumbleweeds

Where our cherished memories are relived

Where wrongs are only futile                                     

Where rights are what’s normal

Where nothing remains the same, continually   

Where grief becomes suspended

Where death of all life is abated  

Where every day’s go on and on

Where you have gone… I will follow’  


Poet of the Light © 2021

a/k/a Daddy…


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When it comes to the finality of a death

You drown in sobering understandings

A lifetime of proverbial seconds chances

Were squandered away by justified pride

Unlike love- grief is an all-consuming fog

Pervading places you never knew existed

And grief taste like a bitter root of death

Lingering in pores of our unconsciousness

So as to make even our greater days sour

Curdling all fond memories of our beloved

Making us question fidelity of our sanity   

Love- the only thing to salvage our palate   

Rescue our broken hearts from the sadness

Restore our lost hope… until we’re reunited


Poet of the Light © 2021


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I know it’s wintertime here

Even snow has fallen a few times

But it’s colder than it should feel

As I stand here alone waiting

Tears are falling from my eyes

But that’s no big surprise, is it?  

Imagining you here too

I think about all the things I’d say

Like I love you endlessly child

And thank you for being a blessing

I know I never felt safer than

When we were together laughing

Or the warmth of your embrace

The promise of daybreak peeks

Over the horizon just slightly

And my heart beats a bit faster

Cause I believe you hear me talking

Tell me, show me- somehow

You’re happy and better now

We can both make-believe together

Just like when you were a child dancing

The light breaks through my tears   

Like a thousand waves crashing

In this secret seat of silence

I feel the breeze wrap around me

With the warmth of all your memories

And now I can’t stop crying

As all my fears slowly lay down

Believing you’re found… in every dawn


Poet of the Light © 2021    


Most of these last three weeks

Have been pretty much a blur

The weather casually changed

It tried snowing and got colder

I used to secretly welcome snow

For me, winter is a sacred season

Far too many people overlooked

I paid no attention to its occurring

Nor did I find enjoyment of flakes                                        

Life went about its own business

While I remained mostly reluctant

My thoughts became more pensive    

For the soul of my lost inspiration     

Only residing now…in remembrances


Poet of the Light © 2021


I’ve become more keenly aware

Of my present footsteps these days

The sound they make in transition

And even their ephemeral echoes

Which to me, speaks in multivolume

Randomly I ask those odd questions

To where do echoes flee to and land?

Is it always to some familiar place?     

What happens after they arrive there?

Might it be where unheard whispers go?  

And if so, do echoes and whispers die?

Or might they remain adrift- waiting?

Perhaps to return to origins of silence?

For me, our life is…a walk over thin ice


 Poet of the Light © 2021


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Not a day passes that I don’t

Question, why didn’t I notice

What you weren’t saying to me

Have I grown just too obtuse

And comfortable in my solitude

That I was deaf to your needs?

I felt it was a mistake to leave

Did those miles in-between- us

Damage my fatherly instincts?

Oh, I feel I’ve failed the very one

That always attentively listened

And been there during my needs

Only you and God know it now   

As I alone silently wrestle …without


Poet of the Light © 2021  


I’m reminded of the times

You pulled me from darkness

Where life left me stranded

Steeped in unknown fringes  

You reflected a strength

That I once herald myself

Before the scars I bare now

And long before your birth

I still recall our conversations

Where you inspired me onward

Hugged hope back into my heart

Wiped away my fallen tears                              

Modeling unconditional love

That separates us… for now


Poet of the Light © 2021  

Chain reactions

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The breakage of morning

The lost half-thoughts

Intermediate raindrops

The broken text habit  

The dampened whispers

Fractured flutters of my heart

And those avoided pictures

There are thousands of things

Secretly tucked away

Within the folds of our time

Most distinctly lead me back

To treasured conversations     

And your absent colorful facets              

That used to heighten…my life


Poet of the Light © 2021

Wake of truth

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2 am and I feel your memories

Pressing on my broken emotions

Tears roll down my weary face

I feel so out of place- anymore


I thought I be better but I’m not

Three weeks later and here I sit

Realizing nothing has changed

I feel somehow that I’m to blame


Encroaching light on the horizon

Always reminds me of your name

A double edge sword you’re present

But not like you always used to be


Moring has finally broken through

Maybe now I’ll pretend… to sleep?


Poet of the Light © 2021

Vive l’amour

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The awkwardness is new

And returns each morning

A sobering reality of truth

Part of me must still reject

Vulgar fact of your death

Causing the rest of myself

To want to join in a rebellion  

But a petite part still resist

As ugly as it has all become  

And I remain- torn in two

By such an incompatibility

Reluctant to lose more of you

Even in the smallest of ways

Even if it causes … madness


Poet of the Light © 2021