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There are mornings I get lost

Staring out over the horizons

As if I’m watching my life play

Ignoring its memories, we made

Trying to comfort those feelings

Unaware tears have been falling

Nothing prepares you for- gone

Words sound foolish and wrong

Even if some sentiments are pure

Pain can’t distinguish life past hurt     

I’ve felt fires that were a bit cooler

I’ve felt no words that cut me deeper

Making friends with your finality

Is beyond anything left here… in me


Poet of the Light © 2022


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Storms come from off the horizons

I’ve come to recognize their nature

Long before any make appearances

Dark, unforgiving, and pure- evil

I still wear many of its past scars

Some seeable, others not so visible

But over the years I’ve also learned

To weather, to bend, to take cover  

Stave off yesterday’s nervousness      

To trust and to faith in newer days   

Days and nights of loud laughter’s

In those moments love is magnified

So, no dark storm can hurt, or bruise

Because love remakes us…invincible


Poet of the Light © 2022

Captors vs saviors

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Other visiting seasons: dissimilar

The ones of interchanging parallels  

Without certainty which is which            

I may feel more like a faint hologram

Switched on or off by apathetic eyes   

Passed through like casual darkness        

Vacant despite my obvious presence        

Political prisoners have more rights

A voice that’s attentively listened to

Even if the prisoner’s demise is preset    

Loved ones are the worst of captors

Stealing our forgiveness and hearts  

Still, I pray daily for no negotiator

True self can’t succumb to be…lessor


Poet of the Light © 2022


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Visions rushing inside your mind  

When you wake after midnight

And cold chills erupt on your skin

Don’t get anxious, don’t hesitate

Trust what your feelings are saying

It’s them visiting, passing through

Reminding us that they miss us too

Memories still serve as our proof

We lived love despite any of our pain  

It’s what we as angels chose to do

Like we did when we had to choose

Sacrificing ourselves through life

Acts of love that can’t be erased

No better way to say…I love you?


Poet of the Light © 2022


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Undermining is blinding our reality

There are unsound truths being told

To lead all astray down wrong paths

Where life is a deep forest and darkly  

Wolves travel in carnivorous packs

Their zealous desires offer no mercy

Unlike true nature of love to give back

If love tends to feel like an extradition

Leading to self-imploding complicity

Know, your trust is being gaslighted

Its aim: to devolve one’s authenticity

To enslave all your inner core values

It’s far from what love is meant to be

Cause a coercive love… is entrapment


Poet of the Light © 2022


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There’re those unexpected things

People, places, or events in lives

Substantially altering trajectory

Void of any intense intervention  

Of everything that will then occur

In a following preset permanence

Relationships now come to mind

In love or trauma that’s involved

Can make or break those legacies

Similar to two- coalescing forces

Or collision of polemic opposites          

As I’ve experienced both and both

Have scarred and or left me altered

Only I can decide which …matters


Poet of the Light © 2022


Live like a Weeping Willow

Always thirsting for more

Roots that reach for miles

Acclimate with open arms

Be a tall and broad shroud

For anyone seeking comfort

Bend within those dark storms

With innate strength to recover      

Observe all the plains honestly

And forgive all your trespassers

Grow openly with natural integrity     

Be a distinct marker for the lost      

And throughout your lived days

Remember to utter your… thanks


Poet of the Light © 2022

The list

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As soon as misery moves in to reside

You instinctively try to hide, everything

To create new do’s and don’ts for yourself

While a double binding of startling shock

Offering your ignored intuition- reprieve

Alongside a secret glow of fresh ridicule

An emotionally scarred withering of- life

Especially if, only you know it still hurts  

So, you pretend- healed, grin- moved on

To recapture even a semblance- of pride

Akin life before your tragic heartbreak

To live in betrayal of lied bitter truths    

Love feels so far from reality and desire

As you seek to overcome… tear by tear


Poet of the Light © 2022


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Only appearing as shy

She is of petite frame

With a slender waist

She carries herself well

Well-spoken and confident

Blessed with brown eyes

All of which disarmed me

But despite that or her size

I felt somewhat intimidated             

So, I admired her from afar          

For some unknown reasons

She’d ignored me every day  

But I always treated her well

I tell you; fifth grade was…hell  


Poet of the Light © 2022  


Photo by Amber Janssens on Pexels.com

Humbling- that most unexpected act

Most of us try to fearfully outrun

Unsure of our uncontrolled outcome

But appreciating our better change

Within the silence of better things

Even if we’re too afraid- to admit it

Clinical type of remodeling in our core

Editing flaws in our living conscious

In fashions of sanitation or knowledge

After discovering repeated missteps

Keeping our true selves from thriving   

Expansion into life’s new territories     

Affirming, we’re grander than thought

We’re God’s true divinity… in motion  


Poet of the Light © 2022