Smokey skylines

Here I am, yet once again

In the center of a bridge- burning

I erected from fragments of myself

After my last hope revealed illusions

Moments away from final severance

I will leave in my own deliverance

While flames of truth are exposing

All I am, all I was, was your disposable

Your time was spent luring my heart

To become just another pile of pyre

For the crackling of dancing flame tips

I hear distant horizons call my name

As destruction claims it resting place

On love I gifted… now smoldering ashes


Poet of the Light (c) 2022


Bruises and marrow

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I will not compete for your attention

If it can’t be freely gifted- honestly

I’ve left a battlefield I didn’t belong on

I don’t need to be fodder for dark lives

Nor will I serve as your bad example

For ignorant excuses that you justify

Only to promote deviations and divides

Wrought by nefarious cynical platitudes

All your temptations have become futile

I’ve lost any desire for what you offer

Daydreams have become more tangible

Than the cold touch of your intentions

But the scars you’ve left on me remain

Ever so present in my heart… and soul


Poet of the Light (c) 2022


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It’s nothing short of shameful really

This chasms we’ve laid between us

Just as it seems to shrink, it widens

And all expectations are lost

As if “give a damn” burst wide open

All our cares got quickly carried off

On ripples escaping their reflections

At times I hear old echoes pleading

In an unfulfilled but anguish voice

Numbness replaces hurt over time

When time becomes our only visitor

That dresses in sunrise and sunsets

And the more visit’s, the less we hear

As a heart’s fleeting hope… disappears


Poet of the Light (c) 2022


Sometimes words are just echoes

Of our inner fleeting emotions

Sailing over waves of vastness

With no place for our hearts to port

As wave after wave we break

A little deeper and a little harder

Until salty numbness finally sets in

But nights seem the cruelest of all

Even our shadows escape somehow

Between the ripples and sun gleams

Leaving us alone; fend for ourselves

Amongst ghosts, goblins and reality and the last place we want to be

Is facing a mirror… filled with tears


Poet of the Light (c) 2022


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Out of sorts, so to speak 

Inside, the outside of myself  

Listening to a distant train 

As it slowly makes its way  

Through snowy mountains 

Until it gets lost in cold silence 

And deep sleeping echoes  

The way secrets drift away  

Into those forgotten places  

Where beloved memories stay safe  

Oh! if only I were a winter season  

It seems love stays that secret 

I still haven’t learned  

Well enough to…hold on to  


Poet of the Light © 2022  

Wish of a soul

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I am but a heart wild  

Far removed from the only home  

My essence had ever really known 

And nothing has ever come close  

To resemble it since for me  

Yet I believe- one exists- somewhere  

Somewhere outside what I’ve seen 

I feel the world through my pores  

The way sand feels the ocean waves  

That comes only to retake itself  

Someplace upon a star in the dark  

My answer awaits to gentle fall  

Onto the reflecting eyes that see me 

And welcome me back…. home 


Poet of the Light © 2022  


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I wake up to a subdued twilight

Staring at me through the pane

My throat is dry and head hurts

I’m at a loss for any thoughts

As I shake off feeling overtired

I gathered myself up somewhat

Jacket and I slip into the streets

Blending into moving shadows  

Beneath the stars and emptiness         

I feel cold as hunger tugs on me          

Scent of snow lingers in the air       

I head for coffee at the open diner

Living a life story, I don’t want         

Trying to find my way…back out


Poet of the Light © 2022


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Almost nowhere left to go to 

Except into the truth of you  

Nothing left inside to hide  

Nothing more to set aside  

Time is slowly running out  

I’m too tired to chase down lies  

Or drown in doubting pools 

I’ll leave it for you- to sort out  

Just want to watch dawns rise  

And settle down for the nights  

Feel the breezes on my cheeks  

Hear mellifluous whispers of life  

In a way, only love can…speak  


Poet of the Light © 2022  

Unplanned things

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I wanna live in a big house 

That was made for visits  

Where wallpaper never changes  

And the ocean is steps away  

After an indulgent breakfast  

Where memories are made  

And linger for multi-generations 

Where long silent walks clear  

Cold dreary morning fogs  

And evenings are filled with fire 

That warm you to your soul  

Where you can get snowed in  

But never feel its stir crazy  

Where love is… in the air itself  


Poet of the Light © 2022