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Now I won’t lie, no reason to anymore
I’d find- a place to somewhat dwell
Every now and then but never for long
Cause something over time always told me
This won’t be lasting, cause illusions never do
And excuses wear out their welcome soon
Never lasting more than a few good seasons
Pretending at love, is never a good reason
Foolishly, we lived in a battle over our truth
The sun burned out and the moon turned black
It was like the ground no longer nurtured
And I slowly died- someplace deep inside myself
Until strong changing winds blew me off
In all sorts of misdirection’s, sometimes hell
I’ve thirsted for a place outside my dreams
Beyond the pall of all visionary things
A place that never dies up and fades away
Or suddenly turns forever winter cold
It gets harder to tell with passing time
If I’ll survive long enough, to be touched
Some place where I’d just truly know
This was always Gods plan, all along
Maybe it doesn’t exist, at least for me?
Or maybe it did but I was too foolish to know
I understand, I may never really know now
Still here I am, a misplaced seeded of love
Just waiting to burrow, in the right life
All I know, is I belong- somewhere yet unknown
In the arms of a heart, I’ll finally call… home

Poet of the Light © 2021

Intrinsic motivation

Wafts of air circulate the darkness
As the pattering of rain dance above 
In the midnight hours of fogginess 
His convoluted mind actively strays 
Signature scent of her delicate skin lingers 
Like a shadow, ever present in his presence  
Refusing to relinquish his stolen attention 
Like a spoiled child demanding- more
As his nimble fingertips could still feel 
Warmth of her silky surface, radiating
Despite hours having passed her departure 
She- a newfound vice was clutching, him 
His heart maintained an odd quicken pace 
Between eagerness and fear filled anxiety 
Echoing on the fringes of wild insecurity 
Vividness taunted his inner most hunger 
As he was beginning to lose all control of 
Like an addict; itching to relive those moments
Bit by bit, of each other’s lively flavors 
Within a fiery torrent of unbridle passion 
Drenched in sweat and damp ruffled sheets 
Of which, there was no other cure for 
If only she was more than … his conjured dream!

Poet of the Light © 2021 


I’ve really tried to somewhat reconcile

That void between my heartbeats

The one, only I feel, unmistakably

But facts are, it simply can’t be done

Complexity and variables change to often

Not to mention, your noticeable absence

That everything seems to hinge upon

Time- ticks past like a silent cloud

Weaving in and out of prevailing winds

Trying to avoid its complicity to a storm

That brews invisible- in the shadows

All the while, ignoring the present sunshine

Oh! Why must love become polemic to happiness;

When you’re filled with love… but alone?


Poet of the Light © 2021

Sleepless excerpts

I found another video of you

While, I was rummaging in my sleep

It took me by surprise

I really can’t image why

You were laughing and teasing

Everything that was me

And I couldn’t have been happier

In a Sunday morning sunrise

The sparkle of stars still in your eyes

After being up all night, once again

We were on the boardwalk

Arm in arm down by the sea

People were living their lives

But we were living loves precious theme  

Of what it was really like

With you being in love with me

While I was lost in everything- you

And as I recall now

You promised, you’d never leave

But clearly, my heart was… daydreaming


Poet of the Light © 2021


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Safely hidden within the open view 
Within every star in the whole universe 
Beholds precious secrets of my heart 
As well as, my whispered vesper prayers
That my lips have uttered, laced in tears
And it is in these ways my love for you
Will burn and live brightly true… eternal 

Poet of the Light © 2021


If all I still hold is but-
A fragment of faith, I trust 
One of these days
All my bad days will be gone
One of these days
Love will come like a waft of air 
Ushering in a fresh new dawn 
One of these days
When I’m not even looking 
From somewhere totally unknown 
All my bad days will be forgotten
It will be comforting and I’ll know it
Right from the start, in that micro-moment 
Somehow I will recognize
The way its warmth burns 
The way it listens attentively  
The way it feels in my arms
The way it becomes all too real
The way it touches my soul
The way it heals, what was broken
The way it whispers my name
The way it knows my heart’s … desires 

Poet of the Light © 2021 


Photo by Alvin Decena on Pexels.com

Like a snapped breath of whispered air

On the cursed side of love gone wrong

I meander between lost daydreams

That I honestly can no longer fathom

And my frosty nightmare realities

Where far too often, I fall, victim

To your lively looking vivid images

Coaxing me into a quicksand of insanity

Pulling me back into the baleful caverns

Of cobwebbed interconnecting labyrinths

Only found deep within my fractured mind

Where my escape is always predicated

On dragging the shadow of my soul back out

Inch by inch on my feeble worn knees

As I clutch what’s left… of my tattered heart

Poet of the Light © 2021


As if I was in a dream lost 
Moonlight held a drape of dark 
I gentle, opened my eyes
Looking across, a ripply horizon 
As I laid alone along side
That sleepy mirror of water 
Watching images of you and I  
Come to life- in full blown color 
Inside our laughter filled yesterdays
I can still hear their echoes reverberate 
As those heartfelt scenes changed  
With the direction of the breeze
Your voice permeating my heartbeats
And my eyes filled with cloudy drops
That simply refuse to leave me 
Clinging like a fearful child
After all- truth be known 
This maybe the last time 
Your presence, comes to visit
This maybe the last time, I hold… you 

Poet of the Light © 2021


Like a Word- whispering

My existence will meander forever

Between heartbeats and dreams

From beyond the pall of humanity

Where I drift, seemingly aimless

Eons long, long after

On but gentle air currents

Created by a blown kiss

Gifted with purpose

I will delicately touch hearts

Enlighten blind eyes

Stir inner human emotions

Affirm love denied

Teardrop after teardrop

And provoke truth

In my missions life

As a bequeathed poet

Long after I’ve fallen

Thru times gravity… of reality

Poet of the Light © 2021


 The stars I saw in your eyes  
 Was that promising future I desired
 I opened myself to vulnerability  
 Until yours, found someone else's
 And now I feel lost deep inside myself
 As the space between us- grows
 With a louder sound of shattered silence
 I’m watching the grains of my forever
 Slowly fall- out of my daily life  
 Nothing could be more hurting
 Than to watch it all with my own eyes  
 You’re like a comment streaking away
 Without looking back one last time  
 Without so much as a… goodbye
 Poet of the Light © 2021