I knew it was a fresh early morning as

scent of coalescing dew and sun told me so

only to have it feel more like a rain storm

despite what my eyes could see before me.

This epitomized my current days, my life

fueling a need of change, understandment

a re-calibration of realities fact and fiction.

So- I sought a deep and honest conversation

with the man in the mirror but the mirror

only hung silently, depicting a stained fog.

Confused and nervously I pondered about

this elusive meaning, and the real cause

Only to discover the me I knew, was lost,

adrift inside a timeless realm of nothingness.

Somewhere during my peregrination of life

I somehow ended upon a path less taken

by choice while simple trying to survive

much the way a dew drop traverses a raging river

despite have been destined to thrive forever

upon colorful autonomous wave of a free ocean

as it joyfully churns from one wave to another.

It was at this point I realized, I was just a beset bubble

being tossed and turned inside chaos not of my making

and all I needed to do was to burst myself from the illusion

of doom cocooning me and live…my chosen destiny


Poet of the Light © 2019



Drenching sweat- falls

From the cumbersome steps

It took me, to just get to here

Wild flower scents, mimic your perfume

To coalescence with my bittersweet tears

I try to ignore my escaping gasps of breath

As I’m unexpectedly embraced, ever gently

By a hidden breeze drifting on this summit

With its pastoral view that’s breath taking

In this new life of mine, with-out- you

I can’t help but feel lost in my, new found

Whereas I’m feeling so tiny on this mound

Maybe this is, what it means, to feel free;

Or to be loved only in loves lost memories?

Even this summit removed, all I feel is…you

Poet of the Light © 2019

In a moon’s dimmed light


She can act and not live a lie

After all the times- he pretended

And left her heart without a good bye

As if she was a dark cloud, passing by


Now she’s been broken

Inside and out, in all the wrong ways

By believing someone foolish

Whenever they spoke loving lies

Someone who didn’t feel her love

Or see the truth in her eyes

So when she holds you close

And you feel her heart beat- alive

Don’t take it to hard when she cold

But- she’s being lonely with you

And I can help but wish I was you- today


If only, I wore your pretty face

If only, my eyes sported your colors

She’d look at me, deeply in my eyes

And like her, I could pretend a bit better

Every time she held my body closer

That maybe, just maybe- some day

She’d stop acting, when she touches me

And stop feeling lonely…in my arms

Poet of the Light © 2019

Cyberbully in motion:

(mature audience only)

All cyberbullies have one thing in common: they love to have control and when they don’t they stomp around like wounded children demanding you succumb to their delusion.

Below you can read an e-mail exchange between an online person who ironically targeted me for supporting the calling out of all cyberbullies on a friends posted poem. This person is known online as ‘Amir A. Tayyab’, who by the way, first contacted me by email, where in my opinion he began his M.O. of attempting to bully me and claim I was involved is some illegal activity. So- I let him assume what he wished and played his game…my way. I‘ve included our email exchange below for the public at large to read and judge for themselves.

I further hope this becomes re-posted so we can find all his “victims” and provide them with a platform to speak out against him and others like him when they feel butt hurt over being rejected or simply not liked for whatever reason, at which point they then turn to harass and threaten anyone that supports confronting cyberbullies or one of their presumed victims.

Note- that Amir A. Tayyab, in the email exchange, has granted me permission to make our exchanges public after I repeatedly forewarned him I would do so.

Pay close attention to how Amir acts so forgiving so long as you become complicit in his ploys of manipulation, thereby getting you to believe you’ve accidentally done something wrong and must apologize to him publicly or face jail and a losing law suite. I compare such nonsensical lunacy to a victim being required to apologize the rapist for being raped by them… and do so- openly in public.

Now, in precaution and to prevent any supporter or mere reader from being objectified by an illogical predator, I’m not allowing public comments. You are free to contact me at my email address if you wish.

E-mail exchange with Amir:


Inbox x

Amir A. Tayyab <>

Feb 14, 2019, 12:22 PM (1 day ago)

to me




By commenting and agreeing (in the comments section) with an anonymous coward and a cyber criminal ( executing my character assassination online via poems (a cyber crime) at, you have become part and parcel of the same, hence liable for the same damages and the civil/criminal prosecution against the original perpetrator. 

I want to give you a benefit of doubt since you might not be fully aware of the gravity of the situation on hand. Here is the link to the whole fiasco alongwith detailed screenshots of the cyber crime committed by this coward and hideously anonymous cyber criminal (poetryfromtheinkwell) on his WordPress website;

As you can see, three other individuals have already been identified as co-conspirators of the same cyber criminal (poetryfromtheinkwell). You are very much welcome to join their ranks. Or, alternately, if you don’t wish to be part and parcel of this cyber criminal (poetryfromtheinkwell), you can demonstrate that by doing all or any of the following;

1. Issue an apology letter to me via E-mail ( and publish it on your own website or blog as well. 

2. Request the cyber criminal (poetryfromtheinkwell) to remove your comment from the respective space and publish the same as a proof on your own website/blog by E-mailing me ( as well.

3. Join me in the fight against such coward and hideously anonymous cyber bullies/criminals. I plan not only on prosecuting this particular individual but also create an awareness/platform for the future victims’ support.

4. Report this cyber criminal ( directly to the management to take an immediate action. And copy my E-mail address ( as a proof.

Failure to adhere to any of the above and/or your silence will be considered you being guilty of the said crime alongwith this cyber criminal, hence not only liable for a collective prosecution, punishment and financial damages but also an individual exposure of your own self.

Please consider this as a legal notice served to you electronically, digitally signed by myself.


Amir Ali Tayyab
Phone: +1-407-434-1786


Poet of the Light <>

Feb 14, 2019, 2:17 PM (1 day ago)

to Amir



God bless America….

Any further contact by you will be considered unsolicited harassment for the purpose of causing injury. Now go f*ck a goat.

Amir A. Tayyab

Feb 14, 2019, 8:16 PM (1 day ago)

to me



Did you name your mother a “goat”? You may kindly go fuck yourself and I will see cyber bullies like yourself in the court.



Poet of the Light <>

Thu, Feb 14, 8:31 PM (1 day ago)




Court it is then. 

I just filed complaint(s) with the FBI and Washington State and Florida State Attorneys office(s) for felonious cyber threats and harassment as well as interference of interstate commence. All future contact by you or others on your behalf will be filed as supplemental’s to the current complaints. Constructive notice to you has been made.  

Amir A. Tayyab

Thu, Feb 14, 8:46 PM (1 day ago)

to me



Complaint against your co-conspurator “poetryfromtheinkwell” with the FBI was filed yesterday and by declining this legal notice, you have confirmed your assistance to a cyber crime. You will be accordingly reported and prosecuted as well.


Thanks for your time.



Poet of the Light <>

Thu, Feb 14, 9:29 PM (1 day ago)




Well then, by all means provide me with the complaint number and case officer name they provide everyone so I can file my cross complaint and join the suits to be adjudicated before a Federal Judge here in WA state where I have legal standing. 

I will be filing my suit against you in Federal Court.  I will be seeking a judgement against you in the maxim amount permitted by law. 

Further be advised I will be posting all our current communication(s) and updates on my blog under public notice; so the public at large may review and infer their own conclusions about you. Its my opinion you’re engaged in cyber bullying to oppress Constitutional protected free speech. 

Amir A. Tayyab

Thu, Feb 14, 10:17 PM (23 hours ago)

to me



Free speech (under First Amendment) does not protect you from Internet defamation, slander and libel. To educate yourself more on the subject, here’s a link;

Its you who alongwith the original cyber criminal (poetryfromtheinkewll) started all this bullying and harassing (via online poems and comments) which you are claiming and making my job even more easier. You can apologize right now and I will strike off your name from the complaint and the ensuing civil and criminal proceedings against you.

Otherwise, your best bet is to contact your attorney as I am not legally obliged to give you (a co-conspirator to a cyber crime) any information, whatsoever.


Amir A. Tayyab
(407) 434-1786
Skype “aatayyab”

Poet of the Light <>

Thu, Feb 14, 10:23 PM (23 hours ago)

to Amir



Wrong… wheres the FBI complaint number and agents name? (second request).

Merits of the case(s) are to be decided by a Federal Court.


See you in court…

Amir A. Tayyab

Feb 14, 2019, 10:31 PM (23 hours ago)

to me



Like I said earlier, I have only filed a complaint in FBI against the original cyber criminal (poetryfromtheinkwell). Since you have declined my offer to apologize and the legal notice as well, another complaint will be filed against you as a co-conspirator of a cyber crime shortly. For that purpose, may I know your name and contact information?


Amir A. Tayyab
(407) 434-1786
Skype “aatayyab”

Poet of the Light <>

Feb 14, 2019, 10:41 PM (23 hours ago)

to Amir



I now call you a liar, sir. 

The FBI doesn’t handle such pedestrian civil complaints. Especially the ones regarding butt hurt ego’s such as in your case.

I’ve lead you down this road to prove to the public at large you are full of it. Thanks for letting your childish ego play along in exposing your ignorance of the law and just how insecurely you need to bully others that disagree with you. 

Looking forward to court of public opinion after I post all this online as well as any court of law you wish to sue me in. 

note to self; get new suit pressed. 

Amir A. Tayyab

Thu, Feb 14, 11:13 PM (22 hours ago)

to me



Oh well, then you are only going to stupidly screw yourself in your own ass by continuing to fuck yourself on public forums further. If you did not understand earlier, consider this as a CEASE AND DESIST notice from me to you, just like the notice earlier submitted to your co-conspirator cyber criminal (poetryfromtheinkwell).

Can’t wait to see both of your coward, hideous and anonymous asses (alongwith others, if they’d like to happily join you) dragged to the court where judges have definitely more knowledge and means of enforcing the law than an established self-confessed cyber criminals like yourself who resorts to cowardly spread false and defamatory information online.

And just in case, if your stupid brain could not comprehend the facts of the case as provided to you earlier, it is the cyber criminal friend of yours”poetryfromtheinkwell” who got pissed off at me disagreeing with him on his own poem (which he cowardly deleted quickly but thank God I have screenshots on the record online) and resorted to post a defamatory poem against me online, instead. So far, there are four such defamatory poems that he has posted and by dragging stupid on-lookers like yourself in his own pit where he is about to fall, your case will be a classic example for the public benefit.

While pressing your overly worn suit (purchased from Goodwill for two bucks), don’t forget to imagine another suit that cyber criminals like yourself wear in the prison. There are no irons there, unfortunately. Your acting so naively and stupidly convinces me about this being the first time your ass will be dragged to a civil as well as to a criminal court.

Your stupidity was given the opportunity to prove yourself otherwise, but alas, you seem like just another self-harming individual who loves to have his own 15 minutes of fame with a disregard to his own well-being.

Regarding FBI, since you insist and can’t wait for the morning to rise, hence you are also being reported right away.

Welcome to a world where a lot of attention is given to attention-seeking stupid asses like yourself 🙂


Amir A. Tayyab
(407) 434-1786
Skype “aatayyab”

Poet of the Light <>

Thu, Feb 14, 11:30 PM (22 hours ago)

to Amir



Oh please, by all means keep going. Your diatribe is funny to read.  I thought I was already reported? Can’t wait to talk to your phony FBI agent. Are you planing to sue me soon, I may want to spend more of my money before you take it all away?

Bring whatever action you wish. Your ad hominem tactics don’t affect me, sorry! Neither do you childish threats of legal action, criminal or civil. You can’t bully me like you might others. 

Now be honest here, are you a schizophrenic?  

Any more scare tactics you wish to invoke?  

Amir A. Tayyab

Thu, Feb 14, 11:50 PM (21 hours ago)

to me



LOL, poor you!!!

You are entertaining as all those “ad-hominem” attacks were started by your asking me to fuck your mother called “goat”.

Just keep on dreaming and fooling yourself a little more. Everything you hope for is going to knock on your door in the form of a legal notice to appear in the court or your ass being arrested for assisting another cyber criminal.

This E-mail should make you stop pissing in your pants for the fear of seeing me anywhere near you. Hideous, coward and anonymous losers like yourself are not worth going jail for.


Amir A. Tayyab
(407) 434-1786
Skype “aatayyab”

Poet of the Light <>

12:03 AM (21 hours ago)

to Amir



I’m sorry to be the one to inform you but, not agreeing with you, not liking or even hating you is NOT illegal, Amir. 

Act like a big boy, grow up and get over your hurt and rejected emotions. 

As I forewarned earlier, you can reread all of our email exchanges on my blog when I post the entire exchange of your immature and failed threats in hopes to silence another person’s opinion. 

You don’t understand half of the law you think you know, which may even make you dangerous to others. 


Amir A. Tayyab

1:53 AM (19 hours ago)

to me



Your presumptions about my knowledge (or lack) of law are ludicrously stupid. Do you seriously think I’d have taken my gloves off without having a personal injury lawyer’s opinion first?

Serving you with a legal notice is not a “threat” and its you alongwith the likes of “poetryfromtheinkwell” who are a threat and danger themselves to the cyber citizenry via such slanderous, libelous and defamatory poems/content online.

It is your friend (poetryfromtheinkwell) who is butt-hurt at me not agreeing with me so much that he has been posting such a defamatory since more than 10 months now. A criminal activity like that can’t be just written off, no matter how mentally messed up you or your friend (poetryfromtheinkwell) are.

It is the likes of you and him who not only need to be fined (according to law) and jailed but also administered some meds through therapies and schooled about the mutual respect online.


Amir A. Tayyab
(407) 434-1786
Skype “aatayyab”

Poet of the Light <>

3:51 AM (18 hours ago)

to Amir



Still in denial and projecting it seems. Your misuse and overuse of the term “legal notice” is more than telling…for me.

A personal injury lawyer, really? Do make sure you have my proper pen name spelled correctly. And should I still expect the FBI to raid my home and arrest me for not liking you or your behavior and/or lies online?  

Well I’ve announced my intent to publish our exchanges for the whole world to see and make their own conclusions on my blog. 

So- the more you prattle the more I will be posting…in your own words. 

Amir A. Tayyab

12:33 PM (9 hours ago)

to me



It is your mouth in your own ass which is “prattling” like a (male) bitch who has to say the last word in a conversation. I have said whatever your hideous and coward ass deserved. Be my guest to publish our E-mail conversation for the whole world to see, making my job easier by declining my “CEASE AND DESIST” request in addition to the legal notice served upon you earlier.


Amir A. Tayyab
(407) 434-1786
Skype “aatayyab”


Finally, I further believe that Amir needs a psyche evaluation to determine if he requires medicine to deal with any possible mental issues that causes his stalking and threatening behavior of innocent people using the Constitutional free speech right of voicing their opinion.

If- I receive any further contact from him, nefarious or otherwise, I will add those comments, threats or complaints here on my blog site as well.


Poet of the Light © 2019

Given time

You just have to forgive her

If ever you want to feel her heart

You have to look past her words

Then sink deeper between the lines

Her half smile is just a veil

To keep away unwanted questions

She couldn’t answer, even if she tried

Deep inside- she’s living lonely

Where her soul is void of light

Between the heartbeats and sighs

But she’ll pretend to everyone

She’s happy and loving life

She forgotten how to trust

Daring eyes and suspicious smiles

So she passes on their colors

And their broken promise lies


She works too hard to live- love

A broken dreamers way of healing

She spends her quiet time writing

About everyone else wishful life

She tells herself, she’s doing alright

Until those ghostly feelings

Sneak in and up along her side

The way frozen air surprises

All she can do is close her eyes

She learned denying is only futile

There’s no place left for her to hide

Vivid memories play havoc in her mind

Tear-filled emotions flow

Steeping into her ink words

And her life feels a bit smaller

I can only watch from afar regretting

Not having found her…first

Poet of the Light © 2019


There’s a thousand different ways

I could spin it, slant its effect

My version of what happened

But truth has a way of seeping out

Even in depictions we try to hide

From the world and ourselves

Only a fool would dare bother- now


It seemed a bit odd and yet

Fashionably accepting, for even us

Maybe even too accepting

To look forward to a bit later

Like hours later, each night

As being some quick triumph

And then again further onwards

As in like tomorrow morning

Being somehow the new summit

To aim for, to conquer if but only

In the space in our convoluted minds

As far as getting over- it all, again

While we steep- in muck


Maybe in some foolish respects

That kind of mess we lived

Replaced what we had- and lost

And thereby replaced reality

Any sense of normalcy or love

And getting from here to there

In love was all a bit more perfunctory

Like breathing, unnotably

In our most mundane of daily’s


Perhaps along our heart’s pathway

We lost what it meant to be us

What it meant to love one another

When we threw the compass overboard

And simply headed to new horizons

Braving those head on waves

Unconcerned of the weather or hunger

As our souls simply sought

To bestow something greater to another

Without concern of what we might gain

Lacking any fear of landing anywhere

Least of all- here, in this place- today


All I know now, was in that moment

When our ship of love went down

Was seeing your image swim away

Until you were merely a mirage fading

You- never looked back once

I’d bet my life you would, I would’ve lost

Oddly, I feel now as if I won


I clung on the mast, and our loves flag

As I choked on waves of bitter truth

My body, my mind slowly grew numb

Floating off in the tide’s changing currents

Almost as if I remained, in nights darkness

Never setting anywhere close to-a bit later

As if they were tiny islands of refuge

That we had become so accustomed to

Until the charity of a drier shoreline

Bequeathing granules of time, spilt over

Offered me a place far from the wreckage

Of that shattered little sailboat of- us

Where the illusion of love existed

Far more than reality of love…for one of us


Poet of the Light © 2019









Love- is not painful by nature

Human perversion does that

Taking away its unique beauty

In order to claim ownership

Of love itself, all that it derives

Crudely etching one’s inscription

Across some fabric of delusion


Pain itself is discreetly infused

When the enchanted emotions

Of love is discolored, then abused

Only those who wish to misuse love

Would dare promote its wreckage

As being a necessity in loves quest

When the truth is, love only- loves

And humans, well they do the rest


Lust is who wears that false face

The true thief, of human hearts

Boldly stealing what otherwise

It could never obtain- or touch

Dragging us all most unwittingly

Into depths of sheer darkness

After tethering our deep fears

Submerged, we’re wet embers


It is there, in that dark palace

Where we are left abandoned

Far from where love intended

And the only thing we dare rein

Is our own infected imagination

Whilst our hearts beat onward

Its distinct song in silent hope

Our true lover will come along

And rescue us and truth of…love


Poet of the Light © 2019