Aftermath~ They will come:


There are those we meet

Who befriend us, our trust

Some join us in fellowship

Others merely following observers

In our chapters- treks our life journey

Some may become more like family

No matter where we are in our life

They will come, most assuredly

They can appear and go unnoticed

Some will stand out by reason

Some will aid to our comfort

Some will aid in our understanding

Some will aid us, unwittingly

Until long after they’ve left

Some leave an indelible marks

Some will leave unrelenting scars

In our every thought, like traps

All this and choices, shape us

Forming our bonds or broken binds

Some of us become stronger, endure

Some of us will become wiser

Still some of us retreat and hide

Recognizing signs of a storm to come

Mitigating chances of damage responsibly

Those who choose to be invective

beyond any playful joking- project

They’re also those who are most unhappy

They want to share in our joys- sorta

Become like we are with others

They want to become permanent

In all that we do, we share willingly

But, they seem to want to sabotage us

So as to sabotage that connection

That tether of unadulterated trust

We so freely gift, offer from our heart

From their passive aggressive behaviors

That first bite from a recoil of vile reaction

Starting from their biased accusations

Cloaked in their defensive opinion

Which they further qualify by evidence

Of your personal interactions with others

Pointing out your flaws, pale judgments

They tend to want to slowly strip you

From yourself, remold your chosen values

Until we’ve mirrored theirs, perfectly

Know now, they will surely come

Count carefully the friends you love~

Entitlement’ in the name of “friendship

Oh! what a most sewn deceitful weave

Its never about being friends, not really

Its about their inner self, unresolved pain

Dripping in bloodied specious rhetoric

Void of discretion, or friendly decorum

They are lead by a dark agenda, unknown

Which is why they’ll victimize…anyone


Poet of the Light © 2019



I simply grew overtired of just being

some lost misbegotten passenger

on your obtuse train, of selfishness

So much so, I instinctively concluded

to throw all hope along with myself

from a destined impending train wreck

knowing full well- I’d openly accept

the battering and scars of the ground

was preferential to your type of…love-fest


Poet of the Light © 2019



I learned a divine lesson long ago;

Tears are truly the blood of our soul

So- I know the real value of each drop shed


There are far too many who pontificate

like experts because they need to be needed

and have yet taken an honest self inventory


Why must or should I subject myself,

to any of the objectification by others;

once they discover, I’ve became a victim?


Whilst there are many who have endured

suffering at the hands of loved strangers

Know that, none of us are exactly the same


Trust- a journey often mistaken as an entitlement

simply because you’ve created some justification

to use like a guilty currency; thus buying your agenda


Know- there is a graceful solace in the silence

that keeps us far from the world’s touch, or view

A mere small fragment of heaven, unmolested


So at times we may well be uncharted islands

growing in aberrational ways and new values

None the less, perfecting who were are, as- us


Never am I required ever to open up myself

for inspection or criticism by anyone else

Stripping my autonomy is now… a boundary too far


Poet of the Light © 2019



Have you ever uttered silent prayers

while sitting on a pew somewhere- crying;

and wanting- to be taken far, far away

from everything that hurts, inside?


Invisible- terribly invisible

Oh I feel, so invisible

in every breath- I breathe


Have you ever felt the loneliest

amongst a crowed room that never listens;

when you’re trying to reach someone

long enough- to matter for a moment?


invisible- terribly invisible

Oh I feel, so invisible

in every breath- I breathe


Have you ever felt the rush of emotions

course from your soul- for no apparent reasons?

Have you ever felt like a forgotten memory,

someone left along their abandoned periphery?


Invisible- terribly invisible

Oh I feel, so invisible

in every breathe I breathe


Have you ever chased after your dreams

only to have them shattered crudely?

And then turn to someone you loved,

for comfort- but they only added to your misery?


Invisible- terribly invisible

Oh my God- I feel so invisible

in everything I do and…I- am


Poet of the Light © 2019

Double bind


I can feel the haunting breeze

Drift ghostly over my naked skin

Just like your teasing presence

Was asleep as you innocently breathed

Why- why can’t I just stop this?


If my emotions can’t be tamed

To quell incessant storms of rain

Or welcome in the morning sun

Knowing the moon just escaped

Under the wild silk of darkness


Then I don’t want these memories

If they can’t be lovingly erased

From the heartfelt touch of another

That makes me feel so unique

I’m positively sure, there is no other


I can’t afford another broken lover

That could believe, I’m replaceable

Oh please! don’t let me smell the scent

Of a some promising love, ever again

Not unless- I fall into heaven with you


Don’t let me be human anymore

If this is going to be the price I’ll pay

For trusting blindly in heartbeat ways

I’d rather be a statue lost forever to an ocean

At least then, I’ll only fall so deeply …once


Poet of the Light © 2019


I knew it was a fresh early morning as

scent of coalescing dew and sun told me so

only to have it feel more like a rain storm

despite what my eyes could see before me.

This epitomized my current days, my life

fueling a need of change, understandment

a re-calibration of realities fact and fiction.

So- I sought a deep and honest conversation

with the man in the mirror but the mirror

only hung silently, depicting a stained fog.

Confused and nervously I pondered about

this elusive meaning, and the real cause

Only to discover the me I knew, was lost,

adrift inside a timeless realm of nothingness.

Somewhere during my peregrination of life

I somehow ended upon a path less taken

by choice while simple trying to survive

much the way a dew drop traverses a raging river

despite have been destined to thrive forever

upon colorful autonomous wave of a free ocean

as it joyfully churns from one wave to another.

It was at this point I realized, I was just a beset bubble

being tossed and turned inside chaos not of my making

and all I needed to do was to burst myself from the illusion

of doom cocooning me and live…my chosen destiny


Poet of the Light © 2019



Drenching sweat- falls

From the cumbersome steps

It took me, to just get to here

Wild flower scents, mimic your perfume

To coalescence with my bittersweet tears

I try to ignore my escaping gasps of breath

As I’m unexpectedly embraced, ever gently

By a hidden breeze drifting on this summit

With its pastoral view that’s breath taking

In this new life of mine, with-out- you

I can’t help but feel lost in my, new found

Whereas I’m feeling so tiny on this mound

Maybe this is, what it means, to feel free;

Or to be loved only in loves lost memories?

Even this summit removed, all I feel is…you

Poet of the Light © 2019