Natural selection

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I’m trying to hold on
But these winds are so strong
I hope you can protect me
They say it's all an illusion
But they’re not listening
I’m falling
Oh no-
Cynical reactions
Never could save anyone
I’m at mercy of the breeze
Help me
It looks frightening
This giant mirror below
On this water, I’m alone
Current situations bleak
My life tree lost me
I’m floating too fast
I’m soaked
Rolling beneath the surface
Ripples are now churning
I can’t hear myself think
It's almost over
One final plunge
The underworld is ugly

Poet of the Light © 2020

Indelible impediment

From afar they just watch
My foolishness in motion
Come to life: entertainment

By my misunderstandment
I abhor unseen glass walls
I should’ve felt intrinsically
Disappearances are deflating

Those of us who still carry
Our riddled scarred hearts
Drowning in dark questions
Who is really to blame here?
From who must forgiveness
Be sought and or granted to?
Remaining a susceptible lover

No matter what say it our age
Love can be an alluring gem
That will defy all probability
When our desire lead us astray
Behind auspicious illusions
Promises, not to do us harm
To misrepresent loves feelings
But our childish hearts chase
After those folklore characters
Only to discover your reality
Has been misplaced by words
Dreams wouldn’t ever believe
Cupid has sold me for penny’s
How long before the bell tolls?

You’re in a spellbinding twirl
Unable to grasp your own world
Misused trust merely their prop
On that preverbal pad of paper
You’ve become their… caricature

Poet of the Light © 2020


My heart passively beset
Within this bubbled island
Laced with pitfall puddles
Chasing some butterfly truths
Holding a handful of dreams
Only the moon and I dare see
When the clouds are...vacant

Poet of the Light © 2020


Delicate flurries of you
Wrap gently around me
Becoming comfortable
With every passing second
Now, I’ve begun to pray
They become a hurricane

Your soft spoken words
Drift inside these breezes
Until they’d gather up
All my secret notions
And I surrender freely
To a hurricane’s truth

Sweep me fastly away
Inside of your energy
Take everything I am
Make it yours to have
Inside the whirling life
That's a hurricane...of you

Poet of the Light © 2020

Subdued scars

Scarlet laced indigo color skies
Reminding me of our time
When fire burned in your eyes
And I was your reasons why

Seasonal snowflakes falling
As I walk along a cold waterside
Of what was once our paradise
Before your passion for me- died

Sleepless nights, our lost legacy
Leaving me to question everything
You’ve ever said to me
Since I realized, baby- you lied

Now he listens to every word of you
And the sun leaves in a silent betrayal...too

Poet of the Light © 2020

Spinning wheels

A thousand why’s
Run through my mind
It's a storm I can’t control
I know, even if I tried

I step back from the picture
Trying to understand better
But all I find are more questions
And never any real answers

Why oh why- like a song
Confusion goes on
I want to run to nowhere
But nowhere is already right here

I hear you talking
But I no longer understand
Its as if, I heard the same thing
Far too many times to listen

You never seem to hear me
I see your eyes rolling
So I roll mine and shake my head
This just ain’t right, no more

This is a paradise for the insane
And I no longer want to remain
So don’t be a fool
And ask me, why oh why, baby

You drove me crazy
Now you’re driving me away
And all I can feel now is
I’m happy and...I’m free

Poet of the Light © 2020


I know nothing of love
Or of its great attributes
With such magic to push
And pull at will the seas
Nor its powers to move
Mountains and mankind
How its born from merely
Sparked wisp like feelings
Nor of its great romances
That transcends our times
I know nothing in the likes
Of a rescuing human love
Nor its awe healing abilities
In unconditional forgiveness
Or how it can dispel longings
Of ones hearts burning desire
I do however know of almost
Lovers in my versed tragedies
Steeped in waters I’ve waded
Authentic attempts to...find love

Poet of the Light © 2020

Could’ve been’s

Some things aren’t worth
Keeping and better off to be
Leaving well enough alone
Like wildfires out of control
Let time fall flat on its face

So I’ll just start by drowning
Those little bitty memories
All their following aspirations
Of us and everything- love
A homage of sorts for losers

Then I’ll burn our bridges
Being left behind wrecked
In billowing smoke and dust
From unused passion I had
Once conjured up about us

After which I’ll slip away
Like loves refugee I’ll flee
That imaginary you and me
In the middle of some night
While the moon is sleeping
On a pile of cloudy pillows
And rain pouring down hard
Washing away all my tracks

Until I find some place that
No one you’ve ever known
Knows me or even my name
I’ll end all my rhymes and
Their reasons to exist too
Maybe then I’ll

Poet of the Light © 2020


The way that hidden darkness of
Some forest gets unmistakably
Lost within some blinding light
I’d get lost in the eternal depths
Of galaxies hidden in your eyes
As our rhythmic bodies played
Under our ethereal spent breaths
And like instruments of request
Twirling within our arms, was-
Dancing on the edge of heaven
For us, here in our secret realm
But now you’re gone; and it's time
To change my tune, palates habit
Degust some new flavors to devour
In search of maybe finding one
That may satisfy my unfed...hunger

Poet of the Light © 2020