They told me my grief would get easier with passage of time

But all it has become is an unending swan song

As the DB majors and C minors cut through all of those lies

Leaving stripes of tear stains upon my cheeks

And my life, much like my broken heart feeling empty

I’m sure a part of them meant well but honesty played no part

Making my world even smaller than I once thought

Still, I wash my face, stand up straight in your memory

But I’m fully sure you know all too well, I’m just pretending           

You’ve been the soul of my heart since the moment of your birth                      

That pivotal moment when the universe changed forever             

I had no idea your absence would cause the universe to retract     

All of life’s goodness that your presence depicted

Leaving me beset within this slow-motion… heart attack


Poet of the Light © 2023


12 thoughts on “Ensuing

  1. reminded me of a quote I often read… true or not, I’m not certain yet.

    “You don’t get over it, you get through it…
    It doesn’t get better, it gets different…
    Everyday, grief puts on a new face.”


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    1. Yes, I’ve read something similar before and after, their perceptions and experiences will be as antidotal as mine. There is no one size fits all mode nor one type of grief. I posit grief is as plentiful and unique as stars and some will burn forever. Thank you.

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