I’ve read that our journey is our mission of purpose

But I’m unsure others would be so easily convinced of that

Some may argue its unknowable; how cynical to avoid a stance  

It is strange how truth and fiction interchange with the winds

One minute, it and the sun are at your back, in the next vice versa

But for the life of me, I’m unsure which we catch most often or why

I’ve left myself available and open-minded enough for listening

I can be astute to facts and remain fully attentive

Yet, I saw nor heard from anyone that claims otherwise

I’m a simple man steeped in a resolve of living by my beliefs

None of which I can claim is absolute, but it fits me well       

Like the winds, I’ve often changed directions in my life’s venture

Some missions require you to remain… right where you are


Poet of the Light © 2023


10 thoughts on “Necesitty

  1. Life directions changes, sometimes unknowingly. We looks into a direction but life twists the route and shows a new path. We can choose wisely or sometimes force to take the path, later it’s named as fate.

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  2. sometimes I feel like it would make it much easier if we knew the purpose😁

    Perhaps with time…we will understand and acquire this type of wisdom you speak of.

    a lovely share, Poet🤍

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    1. Thank you. Yes, to know early might seem like it would make an easier task for us, but perhaps our journey, in my mind, is the explanation of our fuller purpose we’ll never understand. To know in advance might prevent the necessary ripples we create during our journey in other peoples lives that they need to learn and understand their purposes.
      Rhetorically speaking, how many waves of an ocean must it take to smooth the sharp edges of stones we’ll walk upon later in our journey forth?

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      1. Ah… see what I mean.😋
        this type of wisdom comes with time, I think. you’ve given me thoughts to ponder and ponder I shall….for there is always that need to ride those waves rather than let it drown you… before we even walk this road…

        much thanks 🤍🙏

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