I’ve been altered and forever changed  

I’ve lost something of my innate nature

As if I’ve missed a window or mystic portal

But at other times I feel somewhat soulless

A shadow of a shadow if that makes any sense  

I’ve become an aberration to my own peculiarity

Even strangers glance at me very differently

Much like my growing estranged family

As if I’m more palatable out of their presence    

While they regurgitate changing gossip of a past         

I’ve known them and their stories for too long

And they have yet to see who I always was        

I honestly fear- I’m becoming more like them

As I keenly look in my mirror… at all that’s left


Poet of the Light © 2023


9 thoughts on “Revised

      1. “Missed”, was about missing my mother for Mothers Day only to have her remind me she is still here in the gentle touch of a breeze. You being a mother would relate well to that, I’m sure. Most have no idea what that poem was really about because they lack or refuse to allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to be drawn into the poems truth.


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