Takes forever to fall asleep

Almost like I need to wait for dawn

Before I can even lie down

And trust that I’ll wake up

But it doesn’t take me very long

To wake and start pretending

It’s just another day that I’m living

But what is life- without love

And I hate that the answer breaks me

Like a child that’s been shattered

I want to tell myself lies

Because I hurt and you’re gone

I know it would never work

I’d feel the truth no matter what              

If I were a ship I’d sail off

A voyage to where I’ve never been       

I wouldn’t need to return

I’d keep sailing and searching

As if I was making some difference

In ways and waves because I’d be trying

To recover what I’ve lost

If only to foolishly fool myself and time

In the shadow of … a forever dawn


Poet of the Light © 2023  

Photo by Domenico M on


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