After letter, Holy Satuday, year two

I’m sure it goes without saying that the full culmination will be radiating for me, especially this weekend. The promising renewal of spring has been slowly climbing up our mountainside and getting ever closer to your garden. A few rains have swept through the valleys a few times and greener pastures below are already emerging. Life goes on whether we care for it to continue or not. The snowy blanket of winter’s sacred magic has nearly disappeared, except for the higher white cap summits with their pastoral views all year.

On another subject, I don’t mind saying how at odds I feel with life here without you. The bittersweet taste of patients isn’t as sweet as we’d like it to be for those of us left behind struggling through the strife. I’m reminded of the bitter cup of vinegar offered Christ on his cross and the lesson in similarities that can be selfishly overwhelming for the mere mortal I am. I can already tell it will take me a couple of weeks of toiling in your garden to overcome this very moment, somewhat. Nonetheless, I will honor your request and care for your beloved flowers in your absence, but something deep internally tells me you visit them often. Like you, there are times the scent and blooms become spiritually captivating for me.

We know not the hour or day the Father will reclaim all that is near and dear to his heart. Until then, I will tread as best I can, this pathway in my mission and passion of life… Lord willing.


Poet of the Light © 2023

After letters collection.


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