Drops stream my face

Without known cause

It’s without any mistake

That with the right persons

And in the right places

And in the right times

My soul feels this- music

That my mind can’t fathom    

It’s soothing and cathartic

And I feel a belonging- to 

Like witnessing blooming

Of Cherry Tree Blossoms

We also see their petals shed

As if their souls left… perfected  


Poet of the Light © 2023

Photo by Akira Deng on


4 thoughts on “Symphonic

  1. I think their petals shedding is definitely a good metaphor for perfected souls leaving but the petals regrowing is also a reminder how there are still people around that love and care about us.

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    1. Thank you as always. True, however I dare posit, the new growth is a new soul in a new season. The same zephyr never caresses us more than once and the moment ahead is the moment left behind once it is spent by the present ever so swiftly. 😉

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