I’ve tumbled within my shadow

Where once I strolled in sunlight

My path, once known, now absent

It too lays beneath this blackness

I feel watery drops upon my skin

Yet, there’re no cloudy skies above

I hear the echoes of my breathing

Greater than I feel my heartbeats

It is not a place, yet it does exist

In its most extraordinary context      

I’m unsure if breezes caress me

Or if my thoughts turned rogue        

Still, within all my unsteadiness

I’ll move faithfully… in blindness


Poet of the Light © 2023


6 thoughts on “Willow

  1. The start of this sort of sent a chill down my spine. Something about the imagery paired with that image. Also, I think most of us are moving in blindness. We just go where life takes us.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you kindly for your comment. I always write first and then search for a fitting picture. Some I reuse. Often I get lucky as in this case. For me, the pictures are key at setting the stage of where I want you to go…line by line.


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