More often now than in previous

I’m deterred by a stale fogginess

That lingers in place of my dawns  

As another derelict day passes by

Compressing on my inner passion

Of that fiery youth left within me

That tries arduously- to overcome      

Intellect hears clearly that creaking

Of time stalking between shadows       

Knowing all things will be buried    

In the settlement of dust, time sifts

By everything else that does follow    

In minor solace realizing my insight

Lays as fertile soil… after I’m gone


Poet of the Light © 2023

6 thoughts on “Doggedly

      1. I appreciate your kind words. My final ten years in the classroom found me in a large urban city school system. I faced far more challenges than all of my years in rural Montana. Indeed, I feel like I’m in a much better place.

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      2. Good to hear. I like what Montanna Landscapes offers. Yes, I could only imagine the daily grind in a city life now. I’m currently enjoying the 6000 ft elevation quaintness of rural Idaho myself. Albeit convenient things like Walmart or national fast food are a bit of a drive I’ve acclimaed without them.

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