Some days are dressed as a bad preamble

For those other days bound to follow

Setting life’s stage for disappointments

Cheating us of otherwise little nuances

That may offer us a change of direction  

Instead, we keep an eye out for the worse

Like moving shadows or disguised pitfalls

Our perception spoon-feeds intelligence  

Prior to formulating our final conclusions              

From a prejudice or tainted shade of truth           

We’re factually our own worse eyewitness       

Which then misleads our rawest emotions   

We ought to treasure all that is before us

Trust in promises… for better tomorrows


Poet of the Light © 2023

hoto by Fatin Rifat on


16 thoughts on “Deviations

  1. Such a beautiful heart of truth you have. How many feel exactly like this about life, but do not have the words to express it as well as you do. Blessings in this life Always my Friend.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, one of those cheesy shitty ones that makes you want to gauge your eyes out. Yeah, God said, that’s just what we (don’t) need more of. And you listened! 😀


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