My heart keeps rinsing grief away

But apparently, it’s become a stain

Permanently etched upon my soul

Liken molecular changes from loss

Making the expressions, unreadable

And my cost seems to still be tolling

It is sometimes our burden with love           

Relying on a hearts bleeding courage       

Giving everything of its own essence

To still love beyond the pale of death  

Just as unflinchingly as one does in life  

There’re no bounds restraining love itself   

All that’s required is a passion’s existence

And what’s love without… eternal fire?   


Poet of the Light © 2022

Photo by Pixbay on


12 thoughts on “Confirmation

  1. Ah, grief, that despicable friend that reminds us of our loss, our emptiness. I had my own moments last night. Blessings, friend. We are truly not alone. Separate, but not really alone. May some comfort find you.

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