Grief is more than an emotional rabbit hole

It becomes a state of awareness all its own

Similar to living in multi-dimensional space

Where life as we know it altered- out of sync   

It’s a mutual wound ripped clear to our soul

Defying logic, conventional wisdom, and love

Where we will often question our own sanity

A cold darkness that may affect almost anyone

Anyone- who dares love by a divine conviction           

And yet, our love for others is what sustains us

Even though we will suffer in profound ways  

As the world at large fails to comprehend this  

Making us feel lonelier on our lonesome journey

Through a dark pathway into… a promised Light


Poet of the Light © 2022


9 thoughts on “Fiery

  1. Written as a true follower of the one who was a man of sorrows. We are refined by the fiery trials we endure until at last we enter the light of our eternal home. Blessings Always.

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