Spoken volumes

I stare out past icy-laced panes

Nothing resembles familiarity

As my inner child’s heart breaks

Holidays have lost their meaning

Along with our traditional values

Being less and less of old usuals

More familyships are auctioned off

To a higher prioritizing host ego

Who’s material goal- is the numbers    

Twas a time visitors came to share

Good times, love, and themselves       

Creating our unreplaceable memories

Nowadays it’s about; who’s left out

So- who takes credit… for my absence?


Poet of the Light © 2022

Photo by Harrison Haines on Pexels.com


15 thoughts on “Spoken volumes

  1. Truly there was a time when a neighbor was a neighbor and a friend was a friend……Oh gone are the days when the genuine concern and love for another was when the Lord ruled the heart’s of men. Strength and Peace Always Dear One.

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  2. The depravity of man, and the intent of destroying all things traditional are the culprit. People care only about those that live in their “selfie” world, and the only concern (of many-too many) for others, it seems, is whether they will get “liked”, “shared”, and their “supposed” perception of greatness. Sad. But we who know better must defiantly hold the candle in the darkness against the tide of unconcern.

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  3. I feel you, I know a little about the holiday scene. Growing up with no walls, no boundaries and the craziness went real crazy during the holidays. I am sorry that I understand what you mean I wish neither of us had to understand. I don’t have to know you to love you and I am saying a prayer for you now. We do matter. Love Joni 🌹

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