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Life proves it’s ever-changing; is a truth  

But many opt to “go with the flow”

Find a place within the tidbits offered

However, I cannot choose to do that

For me, it seems to be ceding of my dreams

To the degree, that I’ve lowered expectations

Not only of my value but in those possibilities

Almost as if I’ve found myself unworthy

Of dreams, I truly still desire to achieve

Albeit I may be well off the crucial track    

Possibility remains alive as much as I do

I concede my odds of failure do grow higher

Just as my supporters dwindle in contrast

Nonetheless, I remain a faithful… believer


Poet of the Light © 2022


8 thoughts on “Daydreamers

      1. I think you know I am an ACOA and it is difficult for anyone, who is not an ACOA to understand. There are many kinds of abuses beside immediate family that occur when growing up as little one with absent parents. The holidays are difficult as crazy doesn’t even begin to describe them for me. So from me to you I am giving that inner child in you the biggest love filled hug and letting you know that I understand how the sadness comes and goes for me. 🌹

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      2. Most kind and a hug is returned. Methinks a large section of the world’s population has been victimized. Some follow suit and others are brave enough to remain restrained with their scars.


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