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Somewhere, out there  

Beyond all this preverbal divide

I know your divine essence

Will be there, waiting for mine


However, changing currents here

Are regrettably cold and shadowed now

Blind, conventual, and antiquated

Where loneliness feels more palatable

And fleeting emptiness is more tempting

Yet, I remain entrenched as myself  


For some of us

To love from one’s exposed soul

Is no option but our truest nature

And as in nature, obtuse cruelty exist

Seeking to stifle and eradicate that love

Burning with a dark jealous cynicism

That most often will scar us terribly

Making our soul’s windows blur cloudy

As our hearts suffer worse- endlessly

Remaining true to our soulful mission

Until the end of… our human existence


Poet of the Light © 2022


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