After letter’s-September 14 year one

Well, my dear, it took me nearly half the day to make the climb, but I remembered how important this was to you, not to mention you swore to do this each time you spoke and nurtured your Siberian Iris plant you raised from a bud. And you were right, there is water seeping out from the boulder nearby. Guess I ought to eat lunch and write a few lines to restore my energy while I recuperate a bit from the hike. 


I see now why you chose this finger-like point that aims right back at our house. I can almost imagine looking up here in a few more years and seeing the blue blanket nestled into the mountainous landscape. You and all your clever empathy for all things that live. The very foundation of your love still amazes and humbles me. It is a spectacular view from this higher vantage point. The blue tints of this Iris petals ought to blend right into the skyline like eagles and make this plant seemingly safe and invisible in a good way. Come to think of it, you made me feel that way as well right from the very start of us. You were always light years ahead of me, but all angels are. 


Winter isn’t far off anymore. Perhaps a few weeks away as autumn seems to be holding on a bit longer this year. Still, it will get chilly at night which is why I brought our old tent along with me. No rain is expected but it might get windy and damp from the morning dew. Besides, I’ll be too tired after transplanting your cherished one here that I felt it best I stay until morning. But even better, I’ll be a bit closer to you as well. It might even feel like you were still here. You know, like when you pretended to steal the covers in the middle of the night just to get me to snuggle right up next to you and I always did.  


As you used to say, “lunch is over, and time to start wrapping up the day for a good night’s rest”. I better get this plant settled in and set up the tent. I’ll leave a couple watering bulbs and check back once a week until winter starts snowing.  


Poet of the Light © 2022  


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