Like wisps of one’s mortal illusion 

I keep grasping for those moments 

That keeps slipping from my existence  

But they still flow through my fingers 

The same way as my tears and water  

Only my heart and soul will recall  

They were even here- so emotionally   

Like all the people I have ever loved  

Some- far sooner than was expected  

And now I am left here without them 

Shrieking inside all that I have become  

And it does not seem fair to me at all  

For each new absence, sadness grows  

Crowding me within … daily sorrows  


Poet of the Light © 2022   


12 thoughts on “Fugacious

  1. This is a heart felt piece which touches on the sadness of loss of good friends and remembering, just beautiful. It is hard, people leave a bit of themselves with us don’t they?


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