Love overcomes

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I walked out before daylight  

There was a chill- in the air 

Step by step I thought to myself  

What happens if no one cares?  

Somewhere off in the distance  

I swear I heard some whispers 


I could see across the vast horizon 

As the sun slowly inched near  

But somewhere in the zephyrs 

Were those drifting echoes of words   

I thought it was rain but was only dew  

Trying to collect my full attention

I stared up at the twinkling stars  

Wonder a bit more in the dark  

I never felt alone in all this time 

But something deep inside me broke  

As a tear raced down my cheek  

I felt my soul inside- give a sigh  


Brightness of the dawn overcame  

Everything including my sight  

There was no way I could see  

But in all that ethereal brilliance 

I felt a Holy presence- embrace me  

And all my questions dissipated  


It seemed to have lasted only a minute  

I noticed most of the day had gone on by  

I was confused as it left me far behind  

I stood all that time- in the same place 

And that light gently slipped away  

Night had come into its silent space

Then- those echoes returned again   

And I understood… what they meant   


Poet of the Light © 2022  


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