Predominantly speaking

I’m an understanding man  

But sometimes I’m ridged

When I expect from others

Things they have promised

I abhor if pledges are broken

Before any real effort is made

To suggest some alternative      

That I’d be willing to accept

In place of what isn’t delivered  

But if nothing was ever offered    

It’s disrespectful and cowardice     

And then I’ll always remember

Your words are… meaningless


Poet of the Light © 2022


6 thoughts on “Assets

  1. The older we get it seems our trust level is not as it was when we were younger. Sometimes peoples true colors come out later than sooner. Trust is the hardest thing to get back once it’s broken. Stay Strong Dear One.

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  2. I always try to stay true to my word and that’s why it’s so disappointing when others don’t do the same. When someone breaks my trust I tend to always avoid them and no longer trust them. I don’t really do second chances.

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    1. I agree on the disappointing aspect, totally. Esopecially if I’ve made plans the depended on someone elses promise/word. I am forgiving with people who are genuine and authetic and earnestly make an effort to correct any misunderstandings or mistakes.

      Life would be much darker to fear or hate everyone that has already harmed me once.
      After all, I’m very aware, I am not perfect either. Trust but verify comes to mind. 😉

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