Photo by David Cassolato on Pexels.com

I have overspent on love

With too much of myself

And now there’s nearly nothing left

I stare out my bedroom window

Up the stairs on the second floor

Watching the landscape changing

As frosted windowpanes weep

Warm amberoid rays fade away  

Cold winter wind blows in greyness

Whisps of fog freeze fall trying to escape                       

The fireplace remains cold and empty

Remnants of your presence chill me      

As howls of winds return echoes

Of your last words … before leaving


Poet of the Light © 2022


7 thoughts on “Unreconciled

  1. I could never steal the words of another writer.
    I am not that person anymore,
    Well in fact I do not think
    I ever was, I just couldn’t find the words
    To tell this Guy that I loved him,
    I didn’t know how to start to tell him.
    I wanted to get him, to hear me, to notice me.
    So there they were these words
    These lines, these verses.
    So I took them, I was desperated
    I make them my own
    I made them fit into my feelings,
    My needs, my drama of LOVE.

    I know, I know this is not the right comment for this post poem except for the fact that I use LOVE.


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  2. I have been in relationships where I feel the same way. I’m just so much more invested than the other person and in general I’m a giver so sometimes people take advantage of that. I put my all into it and they leave. That’s life I guess. We just have to learn and move on.

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    1. While I agree it seems that way in life, I don;t beleive it is meant to be that way, loet alone in romatic relationships. If we are not giving our all, we are cheating the relationship, the other pserson as well as ourselves, imo. It seems to me, the problem maybe we are not getting in return what has been implied to us to expect. But for people like us, roamamce woulf’ve died out loong ago. So remember how valuable our broken hearts are really worth even if we’re alone waiting to be truly found. My love for other people never ends, and I still love all of them regardless, however the dynamics of my love for them has been recalibrated by circumstances, but never the love, it remains constant.

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      1. You’re right and I definitely agree that we need to give our all in relationships. However, what I have learnt more than anything is to not stay in relationships where I’m giving it my all and the other person isn’t. I think it’s supposed to be equal and if one person is more invested it’s just not going to work out.


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