Grace in motion

You made me a light, undeserved  

When all I wanted was to be a shadow

You dared me to trust in love

Even if it disappeared from touch

Life for me was never easy

But I reluctantly accepted it

When my emotions got the best of me

You could hear it in my voice

You were there saving me from darkness

As I’d fall- like a sparrow- wingless

And when I broke down and cried

My brokenness fell in your arms  

You wiped away all my tears

With mere whispers…of your words


Poet of the Light © 2022

In memory of my daughter, Ashlee Dawn…


6 thoughts on “Grace in motion

  1. The love of a child is the most pure and understanding, sadly something many adults lack. It is easy to see why God has said a child is the greatest in His kingdom! Stay Strong…… Much Love.

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