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I know it sounds so cliché

But I feel you near me

Sometimes in the echoes of my steps

As I’m reaching my limits


No one has ever affected me

Like you have since your birth

You always knew what to say

Without any judgments


I taste the salt of your tears

When sleep evades my eyes

And I can’t cry anymore

Until I see a prismatic dawn rise


You know it’s more than a cliché

I’ll love you forever… and a day


Love Daddy,

a/k/a Poet of the Light © 2022


9 thoughts on “Seismic

  1. Just as there is a place in the heart of man for him to return to his creator, there is also a place where our loved ones will never die until we too pass away. All they ever did to touch our life remains alive within us as though they never left! Strength and peace to you Always.

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