Stab in the dark

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There seem to be a million things  

I’d like to write about, colorfully convey

But it becomes a bit like a briar bush

Around some swampy water hole

It’s alluring at first until you’re drawn to it

Retreat seems obvious but pride takes over

And the deeper and darker it all looks

As each new line is like a brave new step

The problem is, you’re not sure as to where

Then suddenly, you’re all tangled up

Sense of direction gets all muddled

Feeling a bit unsettled and secretly lost

You know where you want to go

Things you’d like to honestly say

Doubt holds you back like hundreds of thorns  

That just thicker and more uncertain

As to how to move forward cleanly

Sometimes the safest way is foolishness    

But the truth is, writing requires bleeding

Act like a martyr and blaze forth

Trusting it will all make sense in the end

If not to others, it will to yourself

That’s all that… should matter


Poet of the Light © 2022


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