Shapes of truths

Photo by Michael Burrows on

They come in so many shapes and colors

Like leaves of trees in multi seasons

It starts when we’re at our youngest

Indoctrinations by parents and or siblings

All the deference we learn by error

Usually at our own perils or punishments

Reinforced by him who rules the truth box

The royal compass of respect and intelligence

However ignorant and delusional

Also dictates truths shape and tone values

No matter how convoluted it appears

The greater its complexities are to know

The harder the truth is to break or dull

And once you adopt these truths

You also assume their ongoing evolutions

If by some miracle you can keep up

Cause we only know it has transformed

After, we have been unabashedly corrected

Or slapped alongside our heads for ignorance

Left bewildered by unexpected changes  

But like these stranger truths, we evolve

Adapting to changes by observations

Listening attentively when they interchanged

And when and why they never do

Until we move onwardly, to elsewhere

And like all good learners, we simply blend

Into the fabric where we now live- evolving  

Like tiny seeds, the storms carried off

Until they’re too heavy for light winds to bare

Left behind somewhere- discarded

As if no longer valued or needed  

To take root into soils of newer truths

Where we again, adapt, silently graph onto

We grow and mingle amongst harsh stones

And toxic overgrown weeds of many colors

Where the sun and shades trade places  

Until we rule as royalty of our truth box

Different shape, colors, and false as ever

But when it’s your box, who cares?   

And the truth we know right then

Resembling nothing whatsoever

Like we first learned…as kids

Poet of the Light © 2022


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