Photo by George Becker on Pexels.

I spent so much time in darkness

That one day it befriended me

It was as if a new door opened

I felt absorbed into its essence

Finally, the fear I carried left too

I heard vesper whisper of prayers

Yet, there were no bodily presence

Understanding each of their words

Interpreted through my emotions

A zephyr caused chills, then peace

Then came an orb of buoyant light

Suddenly the space was lit alive

As I calmly looked over to my left

There stood Christ… holding my hand

Poet of the Light © 2022


Inspired by my love for my siblings.

May you never feel alone in darkness.

I love you all dearly, Rick

Thomas: 77b

10 thoughts on “Undoubtedly

  1. This writing moved me greatly! This is exactly how our Lord enters our life, when in the darkest of moments there He is to shine and cause the shadows to flee and bring a comfort beyond understanding! Gods Grace and Love over you Always.

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  2. this is truly the way through Poet. You weaved words so well, simplified and something I wish for often when I watch people struggle…. but it is theirs and I must remember no matter how long if ever, I can just hold space and love 💖

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    1. We all have a mission to achieve void of rules, barriers or human cinstriucts, here in this life, imho. I strive to hone it, own it and complete it, whenever and wherever that may be. No one, in my mind will find their way through alone. After all, we are not Camels. Thank you.

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