I know I struggled into changes

But I turned around in silence

Broke away from darkness

I bore the tears and scars

Most of which I never earned   

And I know you ignored it

Like it never mattered- at all  

I’ve made my share of mistakes

Some were hard, some simple

But in all that while

I tried to reach out to you

Over and over and again  

Looking for a true connection

Maybe a little understanding  

Looking for your point of view

I apologized for your trivialities   

Oh, what a shame for both of us

You remained too cynical

And you never really knew me

Honestly, from the inside out

Never understood my passion

Showered me with your doubts

I know I never made it easy

But I always left an opening

Cause my love empathized

My love trusted- in you    

It took time to find myself

Tell me, how do I explain

What you’re not hearing

Would any different words

Really change anything- now

You have your harden feelings  

Already carved in stone

You’d rather watch me waste away

Than take time to walk along  

Oh, what a shame, what a shame

I can’t tell you what I need

Knowing your too good at pretending

You refuse to meet me half away

After all these past years

I know what you think I believe

When it’s so far from reality

So, I just accept, that’s your truth

Oh, what a shame, what a shame

You just can’t do the same

I’ll never make you see, otherwise

All this breaks my heart, breaks my eyes

Oh, what a shame, it must hurt

So, I’ll pay that price all by myself

Tell me it doesn’t matter to you, again   

And I’ll remain-unknown…for you  


Poet of the Light © 2022


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