By usual means of conversations

And secret micro cue observances

We value and use as justifications  

To set walls and reasoning aside

Choosing to embark with someone

An intimate journey, an adventure

Trekking pass unknown boundaries

Almost daring unlikely familiarity   

To experience a promising kingdom

That exceeds our wildest imagination   

And step by step drawing ever closer

Believing so much in the destination

We throw caution to changing winds  

And decide not to bring breadcrumbs

As we feel our home- is transitioning

Throughout our mind, body, and soul  

We continue to invest in love growing

Complexity of trust between persons

Witnessing them invest just as much

But- sometimes we’ll fool ourselves

Gifting them permission to fool us

Misplaced trust is a mask we wore

In gaslighting love… from ourselves


Poet of the Light © 2022   


3 thoughts on “Desirous

  1. Poet, this speaks to me very deeply. We can willingly place our trust in others because that promise of love is so alluring. Sometime, in the end, they prove to be hurtful. It is a painful journey for certain and one full of learning-though not always wanted learning. I am sending you lots of care today. ❤

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