Not all poets be equal

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Just remember after I’ve reached out to you repeatedly but you ignored all my effort, thereby arbitrarily establishing a precedent regarding our connection! Worry not, I’ll honor it and follow it right to its full dilution, right after I’ve cut you loose. Narcissist do wear many faces but none better than… false ignorance.


6 thoughts on “Not all poets be equal

  1. You write “Narcissist do wear many faces but none better than… false ignorance.” The narcissist does wear many faces, just as a chameleon changes his colors to fit in! I know one who always shows his ignorance by saying to me “Act stupid you find out more” in which I always reply…. No you act stupid ,you are stupid and then smile as he walks away. I do believe the statement “Ignorance is bliss” to be true.
    Be Blessed.

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    1. They maybe creating a ruse too. To appear more knowledgeable than they are. That same statement has been used in movies. Nonetheless they’ve proven they plan to use knowledge to their advantage. I’d respond with actions speak louder than words and walk away from him, even if he attempts to re-engage you, to reclaim the power role. Yes, ignorance as you know is a blessing, so long as it is not faked. Blessings, Julia

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      1. You called this one correctly, as this persons knowledge is always foolishness, while claiming to be wise. They are very worldly and as you know the wisdom of the world is foolishness to God. I once again thank you as I had to get out my dictionary and look up the word ruse….. Love learning new words! Blessings Always my Friend.
        P.S. For the longest time I thought you must be a fan of Paul Newman since you have a picture of him on your site. Then realized this is a picture of you. You have to of had a ton of people tell you how much you look like him.

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      2. Thank you. Foolishness if often from insecurities they fail to accept or resolve but often project on others as a coping mechanism. And In full discloure; it is a picture of Paul Newman and at a point in my life, I resembled this picture so much others that know me personally, thought it might be me. I found his pose spoke somewhat symbiotic with my writings. Like you, my vocabulary grew out of a desire to fully understand things others were writing or say, so I learned to look them up and incorporate them into my vocabulary and writings. Be blessed, Julia

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      3. You are beyond spot on in your understanding the personality of a narcissist. I have learned a couple of things just from talking with you, and am thankful because I needed this info to help deal with someone. Excellent picture of Paul newman contemplating. You are still a Newman though as you are known as a New-Man in the Lord. Smile. Stay strong. Blessings.

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