A river was born to traverse

Slink its way past obstacles

Even change directions often

Appear to move backwards

Yet, it still innately flowed

And in every single inch forth

It evolved, deeper or swifter  

Grew thinner and or broader

Serving a purpose beyond self

Others enjoyed its full presence

Mostly for what it has to give    

But now and then- some come

Damning its existence; to halt it

Preferring it to end up as…a lake


Poet of the Light © 2022


26 thoughts on “Intrinsic

  1. This poem made me think of how we travel through time sometimes big as life and at other times narrow and insignificant, only to reach our destination of the vastness of all we can be big as the ocean within the purpose God created us for.
    No one has ever moved me as your poetry does! Blessings Always.

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      1. The spirit that dwells within you flows through me as well. It is easy to see the way God moves through your writings. We are cut from the same cloth my friend. (Psalm 133:1).

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      2. Wow God is so good. That is my favorite verse that I say all the time! Of all the verses you could of said. Where two or three are gathered together in His name there is He in the midst of them. Love the days His people are on the same page.

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      1. I often find and use water in poetry or my ummm paintings, as I frustratingly teach myself that my vision doesn’t always make it to the canvass like my poetry does in words. But also used as unheard or read notes left behind, symbolically in colors waiting to be understood by attentive observers of patterns or nuances. But maybe that’s just me.

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