After letters July, 30th

Photo by Rodolfo Quiru00f3s on Pexels.c

Today came early at three-thirty this morning. I woke with the distinctive need to rise and stare out our bedroom window, catching a falling star as it slowly left my sight. I attributed nothing to its meaning and made coffee in the moonlight. Jasmine permeated the air, chills erupted over my body, and from that moment on, I felt your presence. Despite the dew and brisk breeze, I sat outside on the deck unaffected. It felt like a surreal dream I was pulled into. Unlocking my emotions and memories as they danced with thoughts of you, and I reunited.


I’ve loved France like your fresh Maple frosted donuts and maybe in part due to still pictures and romantic ideals of seeing it one day. Living in a cabin nestled into a mountainside just above a quaint village. Where we’d sip wine, and sunshine on naked afternoon picnics. I suppose that fire still has some embers in my pile of unforgotten dreams. From time to time, I break out my studying material of French and make a little progress as if by some Godly miracle I’ll be sent there. Or find an unmistakable sign you sent me, where I’d find something remarkably you. Perhaps that is what keeps that ember alive? But honestly, it’s become nothing more than a make-believe daydream hiding my curiosity for a visit. With furthering idea to dabble in study of painting with some well-known artist I’d childishly think I met by accident, which only affirms in my heart right now, at this very moment- I’d never go without you and now that you’re absent from my realm, I’d never leave here, our place, short of your coming to deliver me. After all, you’ve become home for my purpose, for my love…and for my soul.


Poet of the Light © 2022


2 thoughts on “After letters July, 30th

  1. As always your poetry transports your reader to many places, you have the ability to paint a picture of places one may never visit yet vividly can imagine! Many Blessings my friend.

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