Unsung Heroine

Photo by Kseniya Kopna on Pexels.com

Most of my traumatic life was lived

One dire storyline at a time

Expressing disappointments

Or fresh heartbreaks of my life

Cynics thought friends; laughed, and say

It’s time boy for you to turn the page

Leaving me face down on the ground  

As they all easily walked away

But you never could or did

And helped erase dark times away

Until your life burned out too soon  

So, dear child when it comes to you

Nothing’s ever going to feel the same

And I just can’t… turn that page


Poet of the Light © 2022


7 thoughts on “Unsung Heroine

  1. There are some pages of the life of a loved one we must never turn the page on,for by doing so it feels as a disservice to the life they lived! Yes we move forward,but the memories written on the pages of their life keeps them ever close and must remain open to read! Blessings Always.

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      1. Easy to see how your poem floated on the paper after hearing “Turn the page”. I really like that song as well, and another Bob Seger song “Against the wind” is my favorite. They don’t sing music like that anymore or so it seems. Take Care.

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