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Undermining is blinding our reality

There are unsound truths being told

To lead all astray down wrong paths

Where life is a deep forest and darkly  

Wolves travel in carnivorous packs

Their zealous desires offer no mercy

Unlike true nature of love to give back

If love tends to feel like an extradition

Leading to self-imploding complicity

Know, your trust is being gaslighted

Its aim: to devolve one’s authenticity

To enslave all your inner core values

It’s far from what love is meant to be

Cause a coercive love… is entrapment


Poet of the Light © 2022


2 thoughts on “Sheeple

  1. Loved This! Cannot express the importance of not following the herd mentality. Your words of truth here makes one aware that not all people have our best interest at heart. Blessings.

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