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There are a great many things

I’ve managed to acclimate to

The good, bad, and even untruths

Some admittedly easier than others

While some, I don’t care to remember   

But- there are a few things in my life

I just don’t accept, I- I simply can’t

A couple that defies even my own will

Via obligatory power of the universe    

Power that taps fools and heroes alike    

A line, threshold, or that bridge too far 

It pushes you to that point of no return     

Much like love that we- claim to gift

In my mindset, love can’t be… bridled


Poet of the Light © 2022


14 thoughts on “Incumbent

  1. Some things truly are difficult to accept. I think it’s so important to know our own boundaries and know where we stand. I too have acclimated to many things, some very painful, but to know what you will not truly speaks to me today. I always find so much to reflect on in your writing. As always, nicely penned. ❤

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    1. I’m humbled and apprecitive of you fine words. Thank you much for all tye feedback you take the time to provide. I believe to know one’s self is affirmation of one’s understanding and acceptance to a spiritual honesty. Be blessed my friend…

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    1. I appreciate you loved it.
      Anything less, or conditioned in some fashion simply can’t be love untainted. However a mutual acceptance of it’s replacement is merely a contracted imitation that fools the heart. imo…

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