Photo by Ivy Son on

During a season of its own making

His bare footsteps stir midnight

Waking the dust and stars alike  

Lunar light reflects a sheer silence

He feels that rising tide coming

On her desk laid pictures taken

Capturing them in their moments

Her keen eye lived behind the lens

Intuitively he sat to re-envision- hers

Each snapshot brought her closer

So close, he felt her eyelashes brush

Just as a shooting star streaked by  

Adorned by a fresh scent of Jasmine

And all the vivid colors came to life    

If but only for a few microseconds          

Yet on an unforgotten soft sandy beach

Depicted in a pile of paper color sheets

Still beckoning to him outside his door

Where he visits- feeling his loneliest

A place his greatest love was found

Until it was lost- in the blink of an eye

Somewhere amongst rebroken waves

Stalled in time as well as in his mind

Neath twilight’s draped hours of greys

Roaring angst and quivered whispers

As the sand clutched tight in his hands

Fell from relinquished grains of pain

A broken-hearted soul left drowning

Inside a dream that left him stranded

As it sails outside the depths of his heart

On an ocean, he witnessed… unfound

Poet of the Light © 2022  


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